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  1. That does sound good....Thanks for the input!
  2. Does anyone else have a Discover card? Would you share your experiences with them? Thanks!
  3. Could you elaborate on the term modest? For instance, how does it compare to HSBC, Capital One, Amex, etc. Thanks.
  4. Here is where you can continue your discussion....Hopefully the moderators won't close this thread down too.
  5. Brandon, Thanks so much! The whole point of this thread was to experiment. I wanted to go through the motions so that others could learn from my experiences. I'm glad that this thread has been so helpful. FYI- I'm a she!!!
  6. I just got my first Discover card! Instant Approval, finally!!! I got the Open Road w/ 0% for 12 months and 5% cash back on gas and auto maintenance!!! I have to check what my CL will be....but who cares!!! I Finally Have Good Credit!!! Update: $6,000 CL!!!
  7. This site is supposed to be about information and advice, not preaching. I think we should stop saying 'tsk, tsk' and just relay information. Let's save the self righteousness for the religious forums. People know the risks, so enough with the "I told you so." Amen!
  8. Today I got a pre-approved offer for the ESPN WAMU Visa with 0% until 07/2008. I applied and got $7000!!! I will see if I can consolidate it with my other WAMU CC after my balance transfer is paid in a few months.
  9. AAC you maybe on to something.... At the time of my FR I had 3 new Amex accounts, $100k in CL (not counting my platinum and one cards) with Amex and had a utilization rate of about 1% (PIF). Also, I have been with them for only 2 yrs. Oh and the reason I really think I was targeted: I reallocated my Starwoord preferred guest CL to my Blue and Clear cards. I hope this helps.
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