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  1. Thanks FirstSource! Can you give me the name of the mortgage lender that doesn't require any tradelines to be open, just in case? I will try to save of course so I can have a lot of liquid reserves even after putting the down payment. I actually want to put in 20 percent at least as a payment so that the house is more "mine", so I can pay it off faster. I would try to put down as much as I could save while still having enough liquid so I don't look to high risk. I am not in a huge rush to buy a house but I guess I should get started on cleaning the credit up, because if I don't then it's goin
  2. thanks so much for all your help Skyfox2020! I didn't know you used to work in the mortgage industry. I'm new to this so I'm still getting used to the lingo. Maybe I should wait until a year and a half because most of my bad credit falls off towards next year, except for one item which is due to fall of in 2 years. This is as far as I can tell with TU though, because the TrueCredit report I got from TU doesn't really show the "date of last activity" for Equifax or Experian. I already applied for a secured credit card from my bank so I'm waiting for that to get here so I can rebuild my credi
  3. It is incredibly hard to remove paid accounts. I have gotten lucky with a few. But if you pay, DV won't work and you will be stuck with bad credit. I understand you want to pay but the system is backwards. It will punish you instead of helping you. Of course I'll try to do a "pay for delete" first or ask them kindly to delete it if I pay. I was also wondering why it's considered not so good to call collection agencies? I was reading the tips on the front page of the site and it said to not ever call them but to only send "pay for delete" letters in writing. Personally I would rather call
  4. Yea I'm just a sole proprietor and have to pay taxes quarterly and do everything under my personal ssn. I have health insurance but not disability insurance, I'll look into that for sure. I haven't been incorporated because I think you have to pay corporate taxes that way and it just makes it more complicated I think. I'm not really sure though. I probably have to talk to an expert about that in the future. Thanks a lot for all your help.
  5. Yea, I really want to pay off the collections and bad credit accounts... It's not just collections but I have some bad accounts too (charged off) but I just want to pay everything and a lot of it is collections. I feel weird dv'ing, I think I would be more comfortable with just asking them to delete the accounts for payment and if not then that's fine too, as it would be an accurate reflection of my credit (it really is a paid collection). I realized credit is really important though, I really learned my lesson. When me and my boyfriend applied for the apartment we are currently in they acce
  6. If that's the case, then a high credit score doesn't really matter, anyway. I hate to burst your bubble, but your chances of buying a new car with a collection on your report won't be very good, unless you're paying in full. What if I pay all the collections off though? Then I have a 50/50 chance right? Just with a higher interest rate right? If everything shows paid and in order. Regardless if I'm buying the car or not I still want to clear this mess up and pay it all off... Most of the stuff will drop off next year, but one of the suckers won't drop off for 2 more years. I don't want to wai
  7. Even after putting down 20k down I still have a lot left over for emergencies, more than 6 months living funds... I run an internet business so even when I don't work at all I still have checks coming in because of the sales that are being generated because of all the pages that are out there already. Plus I have recurring income too from those sales even when I'm not working. I know wanting a nice car is not the best financial decision, but I feel like I only live once and I want something nice. I know that's what gets people in trouble in the first place INCLUDING ME but I feel like my inco
  8. Thanks for your advice... I don't want to go through a car dealership though, I really want a new car and was thinking of going through carsdirect.com so I don't have to negotiate with a salesperson. I would want to get through financing independently though, like perhaps with Capital1 Auto Financing or something similar. I don't mind putting down 1/3rd or even higher down payment, and I don't care too much about high interest rates, because I know I can pay off the car really fast. I just don't want to pay it in one payment, but I know I can pay it off in a year or so...
  9. I didn't do the dv way yet, just disputed it with the CRA's directly. When you say "dv" you mean contact the collection agencies and directly and asking them to verify the debt with a sample letter like this? http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forms/sampleletter9.shtml I thought it would be easier to just pay it off because it seems like a lot of work to mail everything out to the collection agencies. I prefer disputing it with the CRA's because I can just do it on-line with TU and Experian so it's much easier and convenient. If worst comes to worst I guess I'll have to dv. I was hoping that pay
  10. If I paid in cash the most I would probably want to pay though is around 20k or so... My dream car, the one I really want is 40k and it's probably better if I get it financed and put around 15-20k down because I don't want to pay that much in cash... If I saved a bit longer then I could but I really don't want to because I also want to save up for a mortgage in the near future... I haven't been saving super hard though to be honest. I am careful of what I spend, but I think I'm only able to save this much because of my income has gone up and I have a lot of residual income even when I don't wo
  11. I did dispute it already a long time ago. Some of it was deleted, but mainly I want to pay them off because they are my debts and I do actually owe them so I just wanna get it over with. I don't want to dispute them anymore because technically there's nothing inaccurate about them, I screwed up a long time ago but I'm making a lot more money now and I want a nice car so I thought paying it would help my score. I don't know really, that's why I'm asking. I thought at least it would look a bit better than unpaid CLA and reflect so in the fico score.
  12. I've been reading your posts here on the board and I have a question for you. Me and my boyfriend want to purchase a home together in CA within the next year or so. I'm the primary earner. Last year I made around 70k and this year I'm expecting to make 150k. I saved up around 40k so far (for a down payment). If I wait one more year I think I can get it up to 80k or so for the down payment. The thing is my credit is crap. I have a bunch of collections (which I intend to pay right away but they still will be paid collections). My TU score is is 577 Exp is 514 and Equifax is 532 My bf income
  13. Thanks a lot.... If paying it off can increase my score by around 100 points thats a lot. Right now my credit score is between the low and mid 500's with all three bureaus (I just pulled a merged file). I want to buy a new car so I want my credit to be in order. I could afford to pay for the car in cash, but I'd rather get a loan so I can rebuild my credit since it's messed up right now. Most of the bad credit will fall off late next year, but I'm eager for a new car and to rebuild my credit so I think I will pay it off anyways. I'll try to get the CA's to delete it of course, but if they won
  14. I have some collections which I want to pay off, I was wondering by how much my score would improve if I paid them off... I know that no one exactly knows the exact amount that my score would improve, but just say for example if I have 5 derogatory accounts, collections and charge offs... If I pay them all off would it make a significant difference or just a small difference? I understand that if the items are not deleted on a goodwill basis, it will just stay as a "paid collection" instead of collection, but does a paid collection make a big difference over unpaid? I know that their both