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  1. thank you so much, i probably am over thinking it, But I am new at this and when the i get conflicting info I don't know what is true. when he said: _________________________________________________________________________ "It sounds like you've reached the point where you realize a bankruptcy is inevitable. Further charges from this point are under fraudulent pretenses. Whether or not the charge meets the criteria for an automatic presumption of insolvency or is beyond the automatic presumption period and requires the creditor to have the burden of proof doesn't really matter. The charge i
  2. thank you for that medical tip can someone tell me the correct info i was seeking from my original post please? thanks.
  3. I cant tell if this guy is trying to scare me or he is telling the truth....here is the conversation below. I am really trying to get a rock solid clear answer. thx! __________________________________________________________________________ Q1: can i pay my health insurance or med bills with a cc w/o it being a lux Exp if am forced to file BK later? credit is perfect but cash flow is really bad and i am afraid to lose my health insurance with all my medical bills so i am looking at options and trying to get the best info. thanks so much for your wisdom, A1: Health insurance and medical are
  4. Sorry to bother you again, but I cant tell if this guy is trying to scare me or he is telling the truth....here is the conversation. I am really trying to get a clear answer. thx! can i pay my health insurance or med bills with a cc w/o it being a lux Exp if am forced to file BK later? credit is perfect but cash flow is really bad and i am afraid to lose my health insurance with all my medical bills. thanks so much for your wisdom, Health insurance and medical are necessary expenses, just keep it under 1k per transation. ill is $1060 for my insurance...and i cant pay only part of it. on th
  5. thank you so much, that is clear, i had heard that if it was over 1000 it was a problem, i really appreciate you showing me the actual words that say the amounts and why. Gratefully, Iz
  6. Thanks so much but I need to clarify something: my health ins is over a thousand dollars, is it considered a problem or lux because its over 1000? i am not clear. thank you so much iz
  7. if i pay my med ins or bill by CC and later am forced to BK is that a problem? is it a lux expense? I have clean credit but cash is awful and i am afraid of losing my med ins. Thanks so much iz
  8. thank you for the information. so it is not personal but portfolio. that still does not make it right. they take the bailout money, lend it back to us at a higher interest, and at a time when the bank to bank lending is the lowest . its just not right. Any class action yet?
  9. Chase Rate jacked from 7.9 FIXED to 10.99 VARIABLE Long Term great customer Fico; true credit 1/20/09 TU 791 EX 767 EQ 774 chase 1 13.7K - 19.5cl Chase 2 6.2K 17.5cl Wamu 500 16.2 cl Total Credit avail $90,651.00 Total Debt; $33,012.00 Never missed a payment always pay more than minumum No baddies! No Inquiries for over 2 years 1) How is this determined from the banks perspective? 2) Why Did This happen now? 3) What are my smartest options to fight this! A) is there a retention number direct line? if so what do I say? is there a class action suit about this yet? All constructi
  10. so that means there is nothing i can do to fight them? I am trapped? they can just present zombie debts from 13 years ago and hand me a list of tickets $1561 dollars,that I believed was discharged in my Chapter 7 and I have to pay them or they will boot my car and suspend my license? Do I understand this correctly? Is that correct? Is there no way to fight?
  11. How Screwed am I ? I feel trapped in a rigged game.... I dont really know how that could have gone any worse.... I went to the judge and pleaded my case on a siezure notice on a car I sold 14 years ago but with no car title records from 14 years ago, I had to pay. So I go to pay the car tickets for a car I sold 14 years ago. So I go to make a payment plan for the $390 total , thinking I could put 100 down, and they pull up all these tickets that were discharged from and chapter 7 BK I did 15 years ago! it seems the two current tickets triggered the $390 dollars worth of tickets, which trig
  12. Smart Strategy needed on Seizure Notice on 12 year old parking Tickets for a car I sold 12 years ago > > I enjoy your board, you help a lot of > people. I hope you can help me. > > I got two tickets in one week, fought one and won!!!($60 residential had > photos) , paid one. $50 expired meeter, (didn't think I could win) These are all on my > CURRENT car which i have had ticket free since I bought it 6 years ago. > > Not 15 min into savoring my victory. I checked my mail and received an > orange vehicle siezure notice for 7 tickets for a total of $440. From a >
  13. up date: we got a WHOPPING $1500 off his home owners, apples to apples, and he is thrilled. now as to the fico: 1st step: 1) dispute as not his and incorrect to please be removed from his CRA's correct? Where can I find a form for this? and should I send it certified?
  14. Thank you all so much I really appreciate all the advice! You guys are great! a couple of points of clarity: his auto and homeowners insurance is also affected as he is rated as good. not very good. I know this because i was able to reduce his auto insurance by using my step mothers very good rating instead. But he still wants his fixed. PS I saved him $150 on his auto insurance and $145 so far on the homeowners by just saying I am going to shop around to the small town people that have had the accounts for 20 years without review. . I have not even taken any home owners bids yet. (I am op
  15. My father is an ex navy boxer, golden gloves champ, big game hunter, Dr, cowboy, hard to impress and never asks for help. until now. He is not internet savvy, and he asked me to try to fix his FiCO which is affecting his insurance rates. It was not easy for him to find the humility to ask for help of any kind, so I want to help him fix this problem if I can with the wisdom of the Gurus on this board and I humbly ask for your guidance in the smartest way to go about this. Here are the facts: 0 LATE IN LAST 60 DAYS OLDEST ACCOUNTS 20 YRS DEBT RATIO 1% AVERAGE AGE OF ACCOUNTS 8 YEARS Scores