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  1. BBB shows the same company with both addresses and a few more as well.
  2. Seems they have a Facebook page which puts both names together. 😊
  3. Yes, my 03/15/2018 C&D to ARA, Inc. stated "This alleged debt is not and never has been mine." That was mailed CMRR to ARA, Inc., P O Box 5002, Villa Park IL 60181. Asset Recovery Associates is showing as a "soft" inquiry on 12/19/2018 with an address of 1919 S. Highland Ave., Suite 225A, Lombard IL 60148. I'm looking for something which shows they're the same company as their close proximity to one another would strongly suggest.
  4. Subsequent to 2008, there was never another contact by HS, including no "soft" inquiries to my credit report. "ARA" appears as a soft hit in February 2018, which is one month prior to them initiating contact by mail. My Cease & Desist to ARA is dated 03/15/2018. No word and no CR inquiries by "ARA" since, until this soft inquiry by Asset Recovery Associates on 12/19/2018. If ARA and Asset Recovery Associates are one and the same, this is a potential violation, correct? For now, shall I take the passive approach and see what pops up on the next credit report, or should I be proactive and send another C&D?
  5. Is this even a "permissible purpose" as defined by section 605 of FCRA? Today I did a periodic check of my credit reports (TR, EQ, EX) which I try to do every 90 days or so. Clean reports, no negatives, no obvious errors . . . until I got down to the Inquiries section on Experian. A "soft" inquiry was made by Asset Recovery Associates on 12/19/2018. This is a name with which I'm unfamiliar and so I hit up Google for some information. Upon learning they're a Junk Debt Buyer, I returned to my credit report and poured over it looking for any sign of a collection account. None. There shouldn't be as I have nothing outstanding or unresolved and my score is consistently 780 and above. I went and dug up my old credit records and made a tenuous connection. On 03/07/2018 I received an odd voicemail message which stated "...my name is Sandra Washington. I'm with the processing division with ARA and I do need to speak with you in reference to a claim that has been placed with my office. We have made several attempts with trying to contact you and you have failed to return any of our calls. A final decision has been scheduled to be rendered on your behalf by the end of the business day as of today if there is no response received. I can be reached at 888.686.9475. My direct extension is 3065. When returning the call, reference your case number. That number is XXXXXXX." I documented and preserved the message but did not return the call. Instead, I sent Ms. Washington a CMRR letter that same day stating that I had no information concerning the purpose of the call and that was the first I've ever been contacted by ARA, so I've never ignored any call. I asked for supplemental information which would permit me to respond in a more educated fashion. A week later, I received two nearly identical letters, both dated 03/12/2018. They both referenced a creditor "US Bank" and both referenced the same US Bank account number sixteen digits long which I presume is/was tied to a credit card. They both referenced the same ARA file number. They both were signed by the same individual, Mark Farmer. They both asked for immediate payment of the full outstanding debt, but one indicated the debt as $38,258.11 and the other $70,181.18. I don't have and never have had an account with US Bank. I also don't have and never have had an account number even similar to the sixteen digit account number listed. BUT searching my computer for that sixteen digit number produced a "hit" on a saved document from 12/04/2008 (nearly a decade prior!) where I had responded to "HS Financial Group, LLC" concerning a letter they'd sent concerning a US Bank debt of $26,097.91. The letter they'd sent to me had been addressed to my previous employer but sent to my mailing address. In my response I told HS Financial that this was, most assuredly, not my debt and stated that I hadn't been associated with that employer in a number of years. I never heard from HS Financial again. On 03/15/2018, I sent Mr. Farmer a CMRR letter acknowledging receipt of both his letters dated 03/12/2018 and shared with him my observation that this must be somehow related to HS Financial's collection attempt from a decade ago. I reiterated that this is not my debt. I stated that I will not be paying any alleged debt and asked they not contact me about this again. Never heard another word. I am guessing that ARA and Asset Recovery Associates are one and the same, though the letters I sent last year were to a P O Box address in Villa Park IL and the address that is showing on my credit report is in Lombard, IL. I realize that a "soft" inquiry doesn't affect my credit score, but the fact that any type of collections facility is sniffing around has me slightly annoyed. Is this even a "permissible purpose" as defined by section 605 of FCRA?
  6. @BV80 My original DV request to Dynamic dated 01/14/2013 states "The account to which you refer is not mine. I have never owed a debt of any kind to any entity named "United Risk Manageme". I should think it's pretty clear to them that I don't believe myself to be the debtor they're seeking. Right?
  7. And the answer to CFPB by Dynamic was nearly instantaneous! LOL I set about researching "bona fide error defense" while awaiting 9:00 to phone the attorney again. Thanks for the heads up!
  8. I have not yet received benefit of a return call from the NH attorney and his office is undoubtedly closed now . . . but I'll be certain to give him a ring first thing tomorrow morning!
  9. Just received an email from the South Carolina BBB with an almost identical response to them by Dynamic Recovery Solutions. I've responded to the BBB and to and the CFPB and advised both that I reject the explanations offered by DRS as they have done nothing but raise more questions than they've answered by providing me with what seems to be a non-working email address.
  10. UPDATE Email from the CFPB today states the following with regard to my complaint against Dynamic Recovery Solutions: "We have read Mr. _________'s complaint and reviewed the account that has been placed with us by our client. It seems that Mr. _________ received a letter from Dynamic Recovery Solutions (DRS) in error." "DRS acknowledges that Mr. _________ is disputing the account and in compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) the account is closed in our office and is being returned to our client." "If the consumer has any further questions or concerns, we encourage the consumer to contact our Chief Compliance Officer, Rich Hughes at rich@ccpbservices.com. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that the consumer may have experienced." Sooooooo . . . this all sounds fine and dandy, but check out the email address for Rich Hughes again. Who is ccpbservices? How are they related to Dynamic Recovery Solutions? And how are they both related to International Collection Services? Answers may be difficult to come by because I just went to www.ccpbservices.com and found it to be a dead link. Very, very interesting.
  11. No, they've never claimed to have sent anything and I've now sent a DV request twice. I'll wait a few weeks to see if I receive any response (not holding breath) and then will send C&D if I don't. In the meantime, as was suggested previously, I've filed complaints with BBB, CFPB and the SC Attorney General on both Dynamic Recovery Solutions and International Collection Services, LLC. I have also left a message with Mr. Phillips of Phillips Law in Concord. I'll be happy to keep the board posted on further developments as they occur. And, no, I never had an auto accident of any kind in the past 20+ years and in that one I was the victim and received compensation. I remain stumped as to what this is about and rather hope that they WILL respond to my DV and clue me in! Again, hearty thanks to all who have contributed suggestions and ideas. Much appreciated.
  12. Dynamic Recovery Solutions lists the OC as this: "Original Creditor: Biz Name: UNITED RISK MANAGEME". And then the following line lists five digits of an "Original Account Number". The line subsequent to that states that the "Current Owner: International Collection Services". I have nothing . . . NOTHING . . . outstanding and have been on top of my credit reports several times a year for the past eight years or so. The $14,138.08 they say I owe doesn't match with anything I've ever had and I've never owed that much. I'm stumped. When I heard nothing two years ago, I finally decided they must have made a mistake and confused me with someone else . . . now I don't know what the game is.
  13. They can claim they sent validation . . . but probably they're not required to provide proof. Right? So it's back to the he said/she said dilemma and the beat goes on. And on. And on. In the meantime, I will contact Phillips Law and see what he says.