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  1. Thank You! One small victory! It's a great beginning. And I have a Long long way to go!
  2. Am I understanding this right? If you had a BK, anything that was included and discharged in the bk should not be on the credit report? Or It can be on the credit report but just say discharged? And How long does it have to stay? 10 years too? One other question, I know that the CRA keep a BK on record for 10 years, but how long does the courts keep that info? forever? I am in CT.
  3. I was upstet that my medical bills were on my husbands credit report. So I started some back gound work and found out that the bills in question should never have even been sent to me, that I was covered by insurance that was retro'd to cover them. But I was never informed when or if that had ever happened because my contact with the state was giving me the run around. So it was worth it. 6 hours on the phone and $1,500 of bills is to be taken care of and the best part is that it will have to be removed from both of our credit reports! I am still going to write to the credit bureau to be
  4. I was just wondering if it is best to ask for validation for everything in one letter or in several letters when writing the Bureau's for varification.
  5. I am waiting to hear back from healthnet to see if they are going to. It seems like they will, but the creditor and CA doubt it. But, how can they pay or be said that they wont pay if my creditor never sent them the bill? So I am going to request the bill so I can send it to healthnet once I know where they stand. Cross your fingers!
  6. It seems that after talking with the CA who has my health bills, he said that it is CT law that my spouse is responsible for my bills and that is why they are on his report. But doesnt one of the laws state that if the bill is not yours that you can dispute it and have it removed? Or do they consider it his even if it is in my name? So they get to ruin both our credit with one bill?
  7. I just spent all after noon getting the run around. I called Husky and they told me to call my dpt of social services who finally told me that my coverage was retro'd to cover the dates in quettion. So I had to call Healthnet to see why they did not pay. They said they did not know it was retro'd and that they did not get any bills prior to August. I then called the creditor and he said that it was out of his hands and that a CA has it and that I can forget the insurance company ever paying because it is past the filing limits of one year. What a mess. Mean while the CA said they did no
  8. I have had several issues where my debt, that is in my name ,has shown up on my husbands credit report and/or the Creditor or CA has attempted to get my husband to pay for the bill. Can they do this because I am a stay at home mom? For example I had an overdue oil bill in my name only. I made a payment using our joint checking account. Does that mean they can sue my husband and have it show up on his report? The same oil company contacted my parents and threatened to put a lien on their house that we live in if we did not pay! I dont think they can do that either! Needless to say they
  9. The responsible party is me not him. I was the one who signed the papers, however, Husky is who should have paid them. How do I find out if they ever even sent me the bill directly? I am not sure if they did. I will make that call and see if I can find the paperwork I did when I talked to them back then. Thanks
  10. I was in the hospital giving birth to my son who was covered, or supposed to be covered by Husky state program in CT. I spoke with a husky person who said they would retro my coverage to before my first ultra sound test. They never did and gave me the run around. Next thing I knew, like 12 bills were sent to a CA and were showing up on my husbands credit report! We contacted the CA and told them to remove them from my husbands report, since they were not his bills and they said the only way they would move them is if we paid them. Is this legal? Can my bills be put on my husbands credit