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  1. Just a note. I have been trying to refinance my 13% car loan and finding that being upside down on it I can not refinance it. My bank and Credit Union both said they can only do 115% of car value which is about 5,000 less than I need. Even if you decide to get it refinanced you may have a tough time doing it depending the car value and how much principal is still left. With 24% interest you principal may still be high. You may have to go with dollars in hand to knock the principal down to get it refinanced. You may want to check around also on scores. My scores are roughly around 650 no
  2. I just checked National Credit which is part of TransUnion and 12 are back on mine and 11 on my husbands. We each have 3 that count towards this year. Equifax is still 0 for both of us.
  3. It took 4 months of pulling everyday before I saw my first bump. But after the first one started bumping it was only 3 weeks and TU and EQ were gone.
  4. Thank you with all your replies. I will look forward to the increases starting next month or when they report at the year level. And I never pay any cc late. I will pay my electric/gas late first.
  5. Just a quick question: has anyone seen and increase on CA when their credit card hit a year old. The reason I am asking is I have 4 cards that will hit a year this May, June and July. Just wondering if I will see an increase with the little bit of age. I did see and increase at the 6 month time frame.
  6. I have had my US Airways card for 10 months. I called last night to see about a CLI and was told that because of the way the economy is right now they are not giving anyone CLI's right now. I asked when this is going to change and he suggested not call back until I am way past my year which is in June. I always have a balance but keep it very low and have never paid late.
  7. The normal is you have to have PI for 5 years then when you owe less than 78% of the value of the house you can drop it. Now each loan may be different but this is the common one I see. We just hit 6 years and our bank told us that we must pay for an appraiser to come out and evaluate the house to see where we are at.
  8. Inquiries only affect your score for 1 year but remain on your report for 2. If you have an increase in score after they drop off it will not be because of your inquiries being gone. I know if you shop for a mortgage within a 14 day window all inquires count as one but for a refinance I am not sure if that would read like a mortgage or not. As for point values on inquiries. No one really knows. I have had one inquiry drop my score 12 points before and then have had a couple of others that only dropped it 1 point. It is all in the mathimatical formula that FICO uses vs everything weight
  9. I don't ususally post much but I can tell you bumping is working still on both TU and EQ on both my husband's and mine. I have received CR's in the mail and also buying my FICO's and they are showing the sames as Identy Protect that I use for the monitoring service. My DH went from 27 TU in Dec to 0 as of yesterday and 17 EQ to 0 as of Sat.
  10. My husband and I have a friend in the middle of Chap 13 and he was able to pay his leased car on his own not thru the trustee. He filed some kind of exempt because it was leased. Not sure of all the details. He has kept his payment on time on his own.
  11. And FirstSource is your guy.... The most honest upfront person I have ever met. He helps you get the best deal and not what will pad his wallet. This is coming from someone who is working with him now.
  12. Your inquiries remain on your report for 2 years but only count against your scores for 1 year.
  13. Yes they can. We filed BK May of 05 and they got a hold of our federal in 06 but the funny thing about it was that when I did not receive it when IRS said they mailed it, I filed a lost check with IRS and they sent me a new one directly to my house. Then a few months later we receive the orginal check from the Court House with void written on top. So we did get our money but in an unusual way. We never received a letter from IRS that stated that the BK court had confiscated it.
  14. A quick question: I have 2 cc's I got last June and 1 cc last July. What is the time frame that FICO considers them "aged"? Is it 6 months, 1 year?
  15. First off, you really need to read these boards to get ideas what you need to do. Do not close your cc's, it hurts your FICO score. Also paying your CO's will make your scores drop. It makes it look like the collection is recent. Reading these boards will help you figure out what you need to do with all the collections. ie. Pay in Full for a delete or just challenging them to see what gets deleted. Read, read, read will help you. Paying down your existing cards is excellent. Sock drawer them and only pull them out once in a while to use them to keep them active or put a little on them each