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  1. As mentioned once before, I have an open collections for $200+ on my CR since aug of '03. If I start querying collections (dv, pfd or whatever) now does this re-start the clock? The reason I ask is I hear different answers on this. Some say no, some say even a phone call to collections will trigger the re-start of the clock. I tend to think that If you make a payment on that acct is when the clock re-starts and NOT merely a phonecall or correspondence asking for things like PFD and so on. My SOL comes up late '09 which I'm not prepared to wait for, although oddly I'm getting approved (with gre
  2. The Chinese are very astute re: the stanley cup. In other words, thanks but no thanks:) mike
  3. The exchange rate joke's been done before, so no this time around it doesnt crack much of smile. What's hilarious, however, is the fact that China's owns much of America's considerable debt. Now if they would just call it all in... Now that would be funny:) Mike
  4. I don't thing you got the gist of what was said... Call my score whatever you want. All I know is it's a good one. My score will pretty well get what your score gets in terms of a loan or mortgage (maybe .15% difference). However, a lot of these scores are extremely mediocre -600-650 is not great -, YET the approvals with huge lines based on these scores boggles. As far as judging, you'll note I didnt single anyone out. I won't do that. Anyway, you people are outstanding contributers to this forum. Indeed, I have never found so much sound knowledge in one place as this one.
  5. Forgive me for my forwardedness...BUT... I'm looking at your scores and quite frankly a lot of them are mediocre. How does one get approved for such huge CLs with scores in the low to mid 600s? I just did another pull (1 hr ago) on my CR and found my score at 712 with 1 CO (3 yrs old). As mentioned in another thread, I was denied credit by Amex and several others. Hmmm... As well, I do not understand all the giddiness in aquiring such huge lines. People congratulating each other on aquiring credit?? I've heard one saying that she can now buy a scooter and pay for this that and the other. Scary
  6. Hello all! Canada calling:) Before I begin, I want to say that you are all AMAZINGLY knowledgeable people. I've gleaned more information here in 1/2 hr than I have by contacting people who are supposed to "know". Here it is: My local tv provider placed my account ($237) in collections a month (aug. 8/ 03) after I indicated to them that I no longer require their service. Needles to say, I was shocked that they can do that so soon. Is this legal what they did? Background: Our relationship was extremely stormy due to poor service and as a result I would withhold payment for 2+months at a time dur