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  1. Two Questions, If i pay the credit card balance down before it reports will it show the correct balance when it reports....or does the card report the balance of the card when it was paid on the due date i have my DW as an AU on a couple a cards and we are getting ready to apply for a mortage ...will the debt to income ratio be consider with debt since she not responsible for the debt ..................
  2. Checked my DW Credit Report (TU) today.......and there was a hard Inquiry from NCO..... There are no collections accounts on the CR from NCO...in fact up until today there were no Inquiries on her (TU) report ...now there's one from NCO.. Is this a violation......can i sue ..... i have a new report pulled from the day before the inquiry and if i pull another report it will show they did a hard pull ...... if i can't sue .....what can i do to get this inquiry removed ...this is crap we want to apply for a mortage later this year or early next year.... please help thanks in advance
  3. i sent the DV to the CA ..it's the CA suing me.... it's not a CC collection ..i guess you could call it Medical ....it's from family therpy session..my wife said she paid the therpist directly default was in 2004 ..it's within the SOL DV wasnt timely....we found it on DW CR and was trying to get it removed how can they prove that we owe them money ...can any body produce a bill and say you owe them money....My DW is sure she paid the therpist but like i said we have no proof what should i write on the complaint thanks again
  4. I sent the first DV asking for validation and received no response.....i sent a second DV asking for validation and stating if i did not receive validation within 10 days i would sue.... they sent me summons to appear in court with a copy of a bill this bill is actually my DW and she said that she paid this bill ..however she has no proof ... what can we do ...or what should we do .... should we just pay this to prevent and judgement ending up on her credit report ...the bill is only 300.00 dollars.. is a judgement worse than a paid collection account? we would like to fight it ...but what is
  5. without reading it in depth .....it looks like you get one credit report a month ....instead of everyday ...if so it's not a good deal
  6. tax leins stay on your credit report for 7 years from the date of release.... it looks like yours will fall off in the year 2011
  7. no its not a settlement ..its the full amount
  8. I sent Fidelity Information Corporation which is a CA a PFD letter after they validated ....along with the request i sent them a form to sign saying that they agreed to Delete the TL in question from all three CRA if payment was made in full They did not send the form back that i sent...however they did what looks like a bill but at the top of the bill in bold lettering says this is a one time special offer delete this debt from all three major credit bureaus payment in full of 236.71 must received no later than 06/1407 by paying this special offer by the due date any reference of this accou
  9. I had one 30 day late payment on a orchard bank card 15 months ago and i sent a goodwill letter to HSBC and today i pulled TC and it's gone ..i havent received a letter from HSBC yet but it's gone from my credit report so goodwill's do work .when i receive the letter if i do i will update post thanks guys
  10. thanks i will try that i will keep u posted
  11. I disputed a CA Online ...during the dispute the CA sent me a letter stating that they received a dispute from EX disputing the Account ....I sent the CA a DV.......the dispute from EX came back verified the 30 days is up i've received no response to my DV....the CA hasn't updated the tradeline since 05 nor did anyone mark the account in dispute is there a violation here..what should be my next move ..should i send a second dv and point out any violations ... please help
  12. I heard or read that Amex Delta Gold was one or the easiest cards to get from Amex...i also heard that once you get it you can convert it to Amex Blue...is this true? If true how to you go about converting it at activation ..or do you wait until you receive the card and then call CSR im going to try to apply for Amex CC..but i want the blue ...but i've heard it's hard to get thanks for the help