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  1. I Had A First Premier Bank Card That Was So-called Purchased By Arrow. My Limit Was $250 But Charged-off At $364. Arrow Says I Owe Them $500. I Dv'd Them And They Sent My Old C.c. Statements Where It Charged Off And Now Every Single Month They Are Adding On $5 To The Balance. When I Tried To Settle With Them They Wanted Me To Pay $400. I Told Them That I Can And Will Settle To Pay Them $250. Which Is The Original Credit Line Given To Me. And They Won't Accept It. I Even Offered To Pay The $364. Still The Answer Was No. What Should I Do?
  2. when i am in the process of cleaning up my credit and i was going to settle with first premier but they said that no longer have my account. and a couple of days later i receive a letter from arrow stating that i owe them on the account. first they ask for $414 then i called them and told them that i was willing to settle with them for the actual amount of the credit card which was $250 the lady told me no and that if i was to settle at that moment she will do it for $396. I of course did not agree with that and her that i will call back, when i called back one week later they raised it to $500. i am difinately not paying that. so i sent a dv letter and they sent copies of my last 4 statements when it charged off. so i am asking for answers myself in what to do in my case, but the people there are very nasty people. good luck
  3. Thanks for the info. as far as them sending me copies of the c.c. statements for the last 4 months before it charged off as their proof that they purchased my acct. is that legal?
  4. Had an acct. with First Premier Bank it Charged off in 2003 CC limit was $250 and charged off at $364. Arrow states that they purchased it and said that i owe them $500. I sent them DV letter and they sent me back copies of the CC statements for the last 4 months before it charged off. now they are on my credit report listing that it is a collection acct. that it is open and basically the acct. charged off a month ago. and stating on my report Account information disputed by consumer (Meets requirement of the Fair Credit Reporting Act). is this legal? what can i do? please help
  5. Hello I Am New Here, Read Some Things Here And This Site Is Very Helpful. But I Have A Problem. I Had A Dell Account And Because Of A Seperation From My Husband Where As I Had To Pay My own Rent Utilities Etc. I Could No Longer Afford To Pay It. So It Went Into Collections/charge Off two Years Later, So I Was Recieving Phone Calls And Letters From Oxford Management Making A Settlement So I Waited For A Deal That I Could Afford My Bill Charged Off At $2,000. And The Letter Was Settling For $765. So I Was Willing To Accept That So I Call And The Collection Rep. Told Me That If I Paid $500 Today That I Would Owe Nothing And That The Account Would Be Listed As Current,paid,closed. So My Brother Used His Credit Card To Pay It. So The Company Sent My A Letter Stating That Upon Clearance Of Funds This Account Is Settled In Full And This Information Will Be Forwarded To The Creditor. So After Payment I Disputed It, Oc Stated That There Was No Payment Recieved And It's About A Month Later. They Charged My Brother Card Again For The Same $500. A Month Later. So We Speak To The Same Guy And He Said It Was A Mistake And A Check Will Be Sent Out. It's Been A Week And We Still Haven't Recieved It. But He Keeps Telling Me That Everything Is All Right And It's Been 2 Months And Nothing Has Happened. I Called The Oc. And They Said That They Will Send A E-mail To Oxford To Verify Info. But When I Call Oxford And Spoke To Someone Other Than The Person I Dealt With They Say I Still Have A Balance And It's Impossible That He Settled For $500 On A $2000 Account. Even The Oc Said The Same Thing. What Should I Do?