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  1. You are NUTS if you have a Dr. work on you that requires you to sign an AA. Absolutely. Positively. NUTS.
  2. That identity fraud stuff is default language in their auto responses. When my lawyer drafted a letter on my behalf, after disputing notations three times...and having them all validated, amazingly the notations were quickly removed and the response letters were much more though a human may have actually read it and responded.
  3. Now that sucks. Speak to a lawyer. No way can it be legal to deny you an account for a unspecified reason. Hopefully, you are a minority. Because if you are, I know what my suit would be saying the real reason was.
  4. Tiger... My friend you are in luck. The next time they call, politely ask to whom you are speaking, the company they are calling from and the reason for their call. (Pro Tip) record the call if you have the capability. Use no profanity and be nothing but professional..remember they might be recording you. Then once they get done with their rant, ask them if you may talk. If they respond in the affirmative this is all you have to say... "I hereby cease and desist you from contacting me further via phone. One more phone call and I will initiate suit against you for violation(s) of the Fa
  5. Fellow Michiganians - There is a law firm by the name of Nitzkin & Associates tthat will help you dispute incorrect information and if it is not removed, they will sue on your behalf for FREE, they would obviously be paid in a successful suit against the creditor/JDB. Hope this can brighten more than a few faces. His website is
  6. I settled a 3300 card with Chase through one of Chase's JDB assignees in Mar for 575. Even the woman who took the payment could'nt believe what she was reading and had to check with her supervisor before taking the payment because it was so low. I am about a month away from settling a 27k card with Chase for about 3,500. I'll keep you apprised once it finishes. they have already offered to settle for 6200. They'll go lower. Just takes time. Just remember the banks were made flush with 700B of your hard-earned dollars. If they can get bailed out, why not you?
  7. File a credit dispute through all three bureaus requesting them to update simultaneously. Odds are the acquired account will not cross-refernce in BOA's system and since no confirmation will be forthcoming the lates will fall off.
  8. Correct, Probably thought they would were dealing with the typical uninformed consumer and gave it a shot. Weird thing is it was a friend's car and she was served but I have never received anything about it, though she says I was joint on the suit. Not having received anything would give me grounds to vacate at a future point wouldn't it?
  9. Hello one and all. Received a collection notice 6 months ago regarding a fender bender I was in for 1000. Having seen the scratches I requested validation CRRR. Never received anything further from the CA. However, six months has passed and I have now received a summons to district court on the matter. Appparently the CA sent it back to the OC and they retained counsel. I have my letters and green card sent to the CA. Will this provide an absolute defense when i answer the summons or because they are not an CA they are held harmless by the FDCPA. If I can, I really want to hit em with the $1,0
  10. Please read my old prior post about how to successfully address the demon seed verizon.
  11. I had U of P remove their tradeline. Similiar situation as the two of you... Phoenix showed charge off for 540.00 for years. Always verified with the bureaus when disputed. Finally, sent them validation of debt letter. Because I signed nothing, they had nothing. They responded with a typed letter explaining their position. I sent them back a response letter saying their response didnt constitute legal validation. Phoenix never responded to follow up letter. Three weeks after no response, I went to local small claims court in my city and filed suit claiming FCRA and FDCPA violations. Didnt kno
  12. If info was reinserted the bureaus, by law, have to notify you within 5 days by mail notifying you of the reinsertion under the FACTA law. You can redispute claiming untimely notification under FACTA regarding the reinsertion.
  13. Are these active accounts that receive monthly updates or closed accounts?
  14. Did it myself. Went to mediation and this rep from Experian comes down and lies her a$$ off... we never received his dispute, but he a has a CMRRR card, well that letter wasnt in it, well can you show us what was, no.... Total waste of time. I would just file suit and let the cards fall where they may but if I am going to get special attention now that I have formerly filed legal action, this may have been worth all of the trouble to begin with.