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  1. I think the graph can be found in the history of the score. Click through the scores.... and it will show in that area. It also appears to the right when you log in. It's provided to me on Score Watch.
  2. Thanks everyone. I have not been late on anything in nearly 3.5 years. I tried the GW letter... but it's providian.. and I had an over draft protection account iwth the bank I worked for. When they laid off people, my unemployment did not kick in that month and it tried to pull from my bank account and there wasn't any funds in the account. Both are four years old. *sigh* that's the only mark in a long time. Thanks.. trying to boost my score for a refi
  3. I searched but could not locate a resource here that I saw in the past that answers questions such as how long can a 30 day late remain on your CR? Thanks for any steering.
  4. I received this response to from the lender about the 'buy back' request from the lender... I inquired if they were able to help us. We are currently paying outrageous interest but I don't know if it's 9.35% or 11.75% ... Tila says one thing... docs say another percentage.. We have NEVER been late on a payment.. not once in two years.. why do we need a hardship letter? I would like to do a FHL secure. We also believe they over escrowed among other things. If there was fraud, if we refinance would it null and void a fraud case? If there was fraud they would have to return the money we spent
  5. Wow what a blessing for some people.
  6. IT's a refi I should have said that, mia culpa.
  7. Can you finance downpayment and your closing costs with your mortgage loan? Is the downpayment 3% of amount? Is is possible to have it in your loan so you have less costs at the refi? Pennsylvania FHA.
  8. Hello, We received a letter 2/8 We believe we were victims of predatory lending. We provided all the information correctly to the broker but later they inflated our appraisal and inflated incomes to approve loans. We received the below letter from the lender to validate a loan. Possibly they are obligated to do a mortgage buy back. I would like to respond to the lender. They also sent a letter to our broker (who we refuse to ever do business with again.) obligating them as well under their contractural agreeement with the lender. Background: We were never late in two years. Prepayment penal
  9. We received a letter 2/8 We believe we were victims of predatory lending. We provided all the information correctly to the broker but later they inflated our appraisal and inflated incomes to approve loans, I am requesting an example doc to validate a loan for mortgage for a buy back. I would like to respond to the lender. They also sent a letter to our broker who we refuse to ever do business with again. I am asking them to validate the loan that was underwritten by the Broker/Lender and to validate that documents were not altered or incomplete for income stated loan. I need an example of
  10. I looked over my loan application tonight when I came home from work. We did not give them our bank account information. They just typed it in. Also, it was paystubs we sent in only. Also, the loan application states 8% interest for 360/360 and then the Good Faith Estimate says 8.5 360/360 But the TIL Disclosure states 13.081% APR and Prepayment is not checked.
  11. The link is fairly accurate. Bi-weekly Gross Pay $ 972.56 They had 7,000 a month down for my husband's salary. I remember we questioned after we review the papers and they tallied up the new monthly payment which was aprox 200 more than the original documents we signed as well. They said it was combined income since were were married. We brought aprox home about 4500.00 a month then. We lost 400.00 a month from my husbands pay after we had to take a loan on his 401K. We still manage but it's been very tight for us. 2 kids in college, one leaving next year and my son who graduated college w
  12. Have you talked with the mortgage broker that you got the loan from? No, I don't want anything to do with this company. I would not trust them as far as I could throw. I trusted them and they inflated my appraisal, they influenced us to refi a home that we had 20,000 in equity. I paid them so many outrageous fees.. "email fees?" I lost nearly 20,000 with them as my trusted officer or agent. hey had a fudiciary responsibility and let us down. If the loan is a stated income loan, and your interest rate indicates that it was, How can I tell if the loan was stated income or otherwise? If I gave
  13. Charles, what we obliged them were our paystubs from the previous month. They misstated a few things on the application. They said we have zero dependents but we had three at the time out of four. One was graduating from college out of the four. They stated we owned our home for 4 years. We owned it for 1 year. We lived in it rent-to-own for 4 years and owned it 1 year. They are including assets that we did not have access to liquidate. ie: They id it as Stocks and Bonds: Our 401K we had to take loans on that money. We had no savings at the time, the week before they refi'd our cottage and i
  14. I know we provided them correct information. I did file complaints with the proper organizations. AG, Dept of Real, Banking Does a person validate this debt the same way you validate any other debt? We were victims of predatory lending. I am certain of that.