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  1. I got my Target through a recon. I got the increase to $500 after 3 months like most do.
  2. Not a bad idea, in this State (and I assume others) if you owe the state any money they will intercept your tax refund. I'm sure they would do the same for these cards making them close to guaranteed!!
  3. I've had my card since October. I requested a CLI twice and was denied twice. I've never used it for gas since we don't have Chevron where I live. I only used it to buy those cookies before GEMB took over. Do you think that makes a difference?
  4. I bought the ring. It went right in the trash!
  5. Great job! I also got a 7-10 day message on my Hooters approval. I would apply for Target next. They gave me a card with a TU approval and the only TL on TU was CJ.
  6. I can't tell you how much I hate Citibank right now. I opened an account in October. I had nothing but problem after problem. They eventually got resolved but it took a lot of effort on my part. When I opened the account I was told I would get 10,000 Thank You Points after 4 months with direct deposit. The four months came and went and no Thank You Points were issued. I sent a few emails and naturally they couldn't find any record of this offer on my account. I had no proof. I was just going by what the rep who opened the account told me. I decided to go into the branch. They know me well. I've spent many lunch breaks in there trying to deal with all of the previous issues I had. I spoke to the manager and he told me he would look into it. He took down my phone number and promised to call later in the afternoon. He never called. Two days later I decided I had enough and went back to the branch to close the account. I withdrew my money and was told the account was closed. I tried to login the next day just to make sure they did it and I was not able to login. I figured everything was all set and I could finally be rid of this terrible bank. Well yesterday I received a letter letting me know my account was overdrawn my $66. I called the 800 number and was told the account was never closed. They only placed a "block" on the account and he had no idea why money was debited from the account AFTER the "block" took place. The money was taken out by my gym. I forgot to switch it over to the new bank. To make matters worse my tax rebate check was also placed into this account but since there is still a "block" on it I can't get it. I can't believe how incompetent the people at this bank are. I have to go in on Monday and hopefully straighten all this out.
  7. I forgot about that. Shaw's and Stop and Shop both cash checks for $1.
  8. Check out my siggy! Sooooo many approvals! I started my repair in May 2007. I couldn't get approved for anything at all. I couldn't even get a bank account! Now I have a bank account (I'm out of Chex!) and have quite a few positive TL's. Still got a few baddies on EX but I've decided to just focus on the positives and forget about those baddies since they fall off next year anyway. Thank you soooooo much for all your help!
  9. 1. It doesn't work like that. 2. They used to report to EQ then one day the TL just disappeared. CJ sent everyone an email a couple of weeks later letting us know that they no longer reported to EQ. I think EQ chose not to report for them.
  10. 10%!!! Yikes! The ones around here only charge 1%.
  11. The parents are complaining about the towing business!! Are you kidding me? Social Services should be knocking on the door asking why this child was left alone in the car in the first place.
  12. I don't have the letter but I was denied because of one single old baddie that was still on TU at the time. I wrote a nice letter explaining that I was trying to rebuild credit and that I love shopping at Target. I made a credit mistakes in the past and was trying to make up for them....blah blah. It worked.
  13. This is a completely bogus answer! "Not many cell companies allow them to do that." I have only a cell phone but the account is NOT tied to my address! Even if the cell company did allow them to verify it wouldn't match! I got a Target denial when I applied too. I sent a very nice recon letter and received a card with a $200 CL a couple weeks later.
  14. I got the request for ID today. I guess this means I am approved once I send it in. I have a FA so that would be the reason why I guess.
  15. I disagree. The "best he can get" is a secured card. They are low on fees and will cost just as much as the fees for FP
  16. You read this board everyday and you still signed up with Lexington Law?
  17. You shouldn't have ANY expectations. You have no credit history. Be patient.
  18. What are you complaining about? You expect high limits with NO credit history? Geez......
  19. I only had an open CJ account. They pulled TU and that was my only TL. I had no baddies.....just lonely CJ! lol
  20. I also used the card as much as I could afford during the first 3 months. I bought about $1000 worth of Xmas presents there. I kept maxing out and then PIF. I got the increase despite the fact that they did a soft on my worst report!
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