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  1. I always been a fan of online disputing. Most of the tim ei have had good success and i wonder why people do not like it?? You can actually save the disputes to keep good records and most of the time i never seen anything come back on my report
  2. no your wrong. It concerns a lawsuit that went to judgement that the op defaulted on and the creditor pulled his report after the judgement
  3. humm according to this thread, they are saying NO its not legal.. http://www.creditinfocenter.com/forums/there-lawyer-house/311396-can-plaintiff-pull-your-credit-after-lawsuit-has-commenced-2.html#post1146499
  4. Account has been reaged and also their is no "last payment date". Also this debt was with pinnacle, but they agreed to delete it and I guess it got resold to AFNI. How can i fight this, should i dispute the fact their is no "last payment date" or do a DV or what? AFNI #**** POB 3097 BLOOMINGTON, IL 61702 (800) 371-3645 Balance: $340 Date Verified: 07/30/2010 Original Amount: $340 Original Creditor: AMP D MOBILE (Utilities) Past Due: >$340< Pay Status: >In Collection< Account Type: Open Account Responsibility: Individual Account Loan Type: COLLECTION AGENCY/ATTORNEY Date Placed for Collection: 05/15/2008 Remarks: ACCT INFO DISPUTED BY CONSUMER Estimated month and year that this item will be removed: 06/2014
  5. I could had sworn if your car get repossessed that you only have to pay what you are behind plus other cost but whats your question?
  6. Checked my credit 2 days ago and saw a collector who won a judgement agasint me in 2008 pull my credit in February of last year Seems to me this is a violation. They pulled it under similar name but google results show its the same business. Same address Sued under FIRST RESOLUTION INVESTMENT CORP. 2008 Pulled credit 2011 under FIRST RESOLUTION MANAGEMENT CORP I.m so ready to pull the trigger, I need some advice is this a violation? How much? Kind if scared to do it because it might awaken a sleeping giant and they come after my wages or bank accounts.
  7. Holy Crap I just checked my credit 2 days ago and somebody did this to me. FIRST RESOLUTION INVESTMENT CORP. sued me in 2008, then pulled my credit under FIRST RESOLUTION Management CORP. in 2011, which is the same company. My trigger finger is getting itchy. What should I do?
  8. ONLINE, if I already disputed a item once it will not let me dispute it again. If I send int he dispute by mail will that change?
  9. Why is Experian so hard to dispute items ? It seems although you can only dispute 1 time before they mark it frivolous and will not let you dispute again
  10. DONT Feel bad I paid for a car from buy here pay here 2001 with 28% interest rate. yea Im dumb
  11. Can anyone tell me what is the maximum interest finance rate a buy here pay here dealer can charge in TN
  12. yea same thing happen to me before but be careful like after 1 month everything was re-reported back
  13. So I had full coverage insurance for my automobile and as we all know they charge month by month basically you pay month in advance.. Well I ended up stop paying the insurance and then i checked my credit report and see that they have reported to the credit B a month of insurance premium. How should one dispute that?
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