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  1. disputed an accout with Original creditor and they said they no longer have this account. The accout was sold to a CA. called the CA and they have the accout but they are not reporting to the CRA. I did not want to have them start reporting so i was very carful not to share information. I did request they provide me with original documentation of the debt. On my credit report the original creditor is reporting as Collection accout everymonth. Can they do this after they have sold the account over 6 months ago? The CA does not show on any of my reports but the original credit has been reporting
  2. I will be sending my letter out today! I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for this good information.
  3. I have the receipt from the post office providian received the mail they just never repsonded to my request.
  4. I sent providian several letters return receipt but they have not responded.
  5. I had an account with Providian back in 1998 that went delinquent in 1999. The account was sold to a CA and I was able to dispute the CA with a Debt validation letter and it was removed from all the reports. I notice today that Providian has re-aged or re-reported the account to show activity in 2005. So now it’s scheduled to be removed from the original creditor in 2011. I have disputed this information with Experian and the are saying its is correct and will not allow me to dispute the date. How can I get Experian to address this issue with the last date of activity on this account?
  6. Should i use a generic DV letter or just send a certified return receipt requesting proof of my last payment which they claim was in 2004. Last payment made on this accound was in 2000
  7. Providian who is now owned by Wamu reaged a old account i have with them. I disputed the date with experian and they said this was previously disputed. Experian refuses to investigate i tried to dispute on line and they said the same thing, This item was disputed and verified. Can I now send a DV to Providian/Wamu?? I was told DV only works with CA
  8. Its not crime to be added as a authorized user people do it all the time. Its just that some are companys are charging for it
  9. My research has found that FICO 08 is being used by experian. TransUnion and equifax has a lawsuit in against myfico regarding FICO 08 vantage scoring. Its no suprise to me that Experian is the first to use the new model. They seem to be the most dificult to work with.
  10. I have found a lot of web site selling aged credit cards or authorized user accounts. Has anyone here every used such a service to increase their credit score
  11. I was told today that authorized user accounts will still work to increase you scores with Transunion and equifax. Experian is the only CRA using the new advantage system. Has anyone any information on this issue.
  12. Did you dispute on line? or over the phone??
  13. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3043128721163942651&q=credit
  14. I have fould the disputing using the mail is more effective. I only dispute personal informaition over the phone or on line. Remember each CRA is different. I have seen people have great success disputing on line with TransUnion but no success on line with Experian.
  15. Here is the link to her talk http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-1120654721215472801&q=credit&hl=en