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  1. I appreciate that. I think these guys are mostly trying to wear me down, but even if it takes me a while to come up with the money to pay the attorney, I'm going to fight them. I wonder if it would be worthwhile to file a complaint to the FTC against the CRA's for allowing this reporting? Am I barking up the wrong tree on that one? Thanks again, LadyNRed. Wendell
  2. I appreciate all the information you have posted on this. I'm having a problem with a couple of creditors who are stating that they are exceptions. One is a bankcard company who has said that the FTC letter quoted is not a legally binding opinion and that they will not accept it. They are also stating that the Goodfellow case was more about the harrassing phone communications than the entries in the credit record. They deny that placing a post-filing charge off is an attempt to harrass or collect and that since they did charge it off 2 months after I filed (was never late), they have a right to report it. I'm trying to keep from having to use my lawyer as he wants over $700 per company that I woulld have to file against and he wants it up front! He is not real excited about doing it anyway, but I am not sure how to find an attorney who is knowledgable in this area. Is there an official FTC ruling, rather than a staff opinion on bankruptcy reporting? Have any other cases been litigated that could be used to get these companies to straighten up? Does anyone have any ballpark of how much attorneys would normally charge to reopen a case for this? Thanks. Wendell