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  1. Hello Board, it has been a while, and a long journey. Last I was here, I was bankrupt and was in horrible shape. Things have changed over the years. Here is my delima. My wife and I are applying for a mortgage loan (married about a year). During the process, we discovered there was a very recent late payment (within days) on a mortgage that her ex-husband is responsible for with Wells Fargo. Long story short, he didn't catch that his escrow went up so his payment was a little short of the required amount. As soon as he realized what happened, he contacted the bank (Wells Fargo) and caught it up. The late is reflecting a 30 day late payment. The account has been open since 2006, and there are no other late payments. Our loan officer is stating she needs an additional three points to qualify. Other than that one late payment, both of our credit reports are flawless. No lates, no collections, liens etc. We are paying down debt very aggressively currently, which is the reason the scores are on the border line. We both assumed a lot of debt in our divorces a few years ago. The lender has backed out the debt our ex’s are responsible for in accordance with the divorce decree for lending purposes, but obviously that doesn’t help with the score. My question is, does anyone have any experience with Wells Fargo and their willingness to remove the late, for an account that has never been late and in good standing? I realize it is a late payment, and if that is their stance I can understand that, but I’ve heard mixed things on lenders removing a late payment on an account that is perfect otherwise. All I need is 3 points, and that should do it.
  2. Freak


    Yea... last year, I had to run my AC into January, and then it seemed like a two week reprieve on the heat. This year, I've actually been able to sacrifice comfortably, and open the windows - granted, winter isn't here yet. Honestly, what really bugs me, is that we hear the tremendous financial burden on folks during the winter months in cold climates, but we never hear anything about what it cost "others" to run their AC units constantly 10 or 11 months out of the year. Granted I'm not complaining, but it always seems, that somehow the only people effected by the weather are those in "colder climates." I'd bet in the end, it [electric/gas consumption] averages out over the course of a year.
  3. I've had a good week - although I didn't set out looking for it. I closed my Hooters account ($4,500 CL) after they notified me they were going to access an annual fee of $48 taken in "convenient monthly payments" of $4. Never late, always PIF - no game when I called. Closed on the spot. I started feeling a little remorse, about what would happen to the increase in utilization - I use one of my Hilton cards heavily, but PIF every month. It always looks like I'm carrying a balance because of that. I logged into the Citi site where I have 2 Master Cards, and 2 Hilton Visa's. I clicked on the "Request CLI" link and was notified that I was eligible for a CLI on the first one for $2,100. I pushed my luck, and wow... 2,100 on the second and whooping 4,000 on both of the two Hilton Visa cards... Didn't even require a credit check. Thanks Hooters/Merrick Bank!!! Your $48 dollars changed my whole credit profile - I wouldn't have checked otherwise.
  4. I've got Care Credit, my wife charged her Lasik on it. 12 months no interest, but we paid it off in 4. They do report to all 3 CRAs. As far as braces go, I'd talk to the orthodontist as most as far as I've heard, and in my experience with my kidos will work out payment arrangements over the life of the treatment, at no interest, which will work out better for someone in a pinch.
  5. Been Ponzied... I agree that people fall on hard times, I've certainly been there. My response was certainly uncharacteristic for me.
  6. I should say, that I'm not sure what was going on in my mind here! Neryman - I knew that, although it wasn't obvious. I don't even remember writing that, which is scary. We'll just go with a "Drunk man's words are a sober man's thoughts." Sorry.
  7. To my knowledge, there is no provision to order credit reports or allowing preferential access based on anyone's socioeconomic status in the current statutes. In fact, I find it quite ironic that we'd be delineating classes on this forum, as if there is special treatment for "those" that have "fallen on hard times." People of all walks of life come to this forum to find solutions to their problems, and quite frankly, I find it offensive that anyone would expect special treatment based on the fact that they receive benefits.
  8. Although I know you have, I'd read Methuss' sticky on reasons not to do online disputes. Also, if you hadn't disputed the items before, how could "the software" only allow a certain number of disputes? In general, disputing online confines your response to the E-Oscar system to make their life easier - You're required to play by their rules. If you've done several disputes online, you may be encountering their definition of "frivolous disputes." IMO and experience, it is a perfect reason not to do online disputes.
  9. Are you serious? Do you really expect us to look your user name and think your not a nut job? Any serious person around here would not be pushing this scheme with that user name and be looking out for others on this board - certainly not defending it. If you think that's the object of this community, you are obviously stuck on stupid.
  10. So was he placed into custody, or someone just came to visit?
  11. It is whomever supplies the data to the CRA. It is not necessarily the OC.
  12. Exactly what are you looking to do? Your post isn't all that clear. Not sure about the SOL in Maryland, but even if it is beyond the SOL, they can still report it, and/or continue collection activity.
  13. Realize, that this statement is not true of all states. For instance, in Texas, wages cannot be attached or garnished, for anything but child support. None wage money can, including bank accounts. You'd have to prove that the monies in the account are from wages. There are a couple of caveats if you live in Texas and your paycheck comes from out of state. My point is, each State has unique laws regarding attachments and wage garnishments.
  14. Freak

    Gov Stanford.

    I haven't heard anyone conclude he used public monies for the trip - All I've heard is they were looking into it. Maybe I have missed something, somewhere.
  15. I agree. I've got a BK listed from 2002 on EX and CSC/EQ, and nothing on TU. No significant difference in the scores, and all three 710 to 720 range the last I checked.
  16. Most of my bills come tucked away with that standard statement in the fine print, somewhere, and as I understand it, that is all that is required. They don't have to send a special notice, regarding the information they report, and I've never known them to do so, back when my credit was a train wreck. I think they only technically have to provide that information to once, though many do routinely. A charge-off is the logical next step in accounting once you continue to miss payments and default.
  17. If they're truly late, then it sounds like you've done all can you do. Since it is over two years, I wouldn't waste my time. The history on the accounts is probably more beneficial than the negative the lates are creating.
  18. I saw this earlier today. All we need to do is talk to them; they completely understand.
  19. Dispute the first two as obsolete. If they remain, remember, they can acutally remain for 7 years plus six months. I'd give it a couple of months past that fall off date. As for the second one, I'd look at the all the date fields, see what you can do to remeber the account, and challenge it with the data you have. Do you remeber the account?
  20. I take it to mean that the account will remain on your report for the 7 year period, but will be updated to reflect positive paying history - I certainly have no experience in this arena. However, if you have to challenge it, you have a letter in your hands which pretty much pleads your case.
  21. Have you pulled you FICO score? I would pay no attention to your FAKO's. Mine vary by 100 points depending on the month.
  22. I would think that a 60 day late from 2002 is hurting you very little. Sometimes when you dispute something like that, the whole account is deleted, then you loose the history, which is probably helping you much more that one 60 day late payment 7 years ago is hurting you. Tread with caution!!!
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