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  1. Maybe i just needed a little validation. Actually, approaching this from a purely strategical standpoint is new to me... just want to make sure I'm doing it right. Any other tricks to the trade I need to know about? I learned about due dates and reporting dates the hard way. LOL
  2. Wow! What great information!! Thanks to everyone, especially LNY! The extra cards will go in the sock drawer... I will pull them out to buy a tank of gas once a month, then send them back to hibernation.
  3. Yeah! I got approved for a VISA from my bank with a higher CL! The thing is, now I have too many cards. I don't need all this credit. Do I close my subprime accounts or just put them in a sock drawer and build history with them? What factors should I consider...interest rates, annual fees?
  4. Yeah Those were my thoughts Elyse! Well, I'll be d***, thanks to what I have learned from all of you, I DV'd them. The CA wrote back and said they were putting the collection on hold until they could validate it. I got a letter from Comcast today about the account with a CREDIT balance. Will let you know how much more money I will get after I check my credit report Thanks to everyone. You are the greatest!
  5. I made a post about this a few weeks ago...here's the update... As some of you may know, I have gotten most of my credit straightened out (or as much as a I can until 2 items fall off). So I was shocked when I got a letter from a collection agency a few weeks ago regarding a Comcast cable account. I have been paying them every month...my cable has not been shut off..so I knew it was some sort of error. I initially called Comcast. No one seemed to know what was going on. I got the mini miranda from the collection agency. I called Comcast again...and talked to a supervisor who found the problem.
  6. Thanks for the warning. I'll get right on it!
  7. I have not received my miranda or mini-miranda, yet. According to CT law, they have 5 days to send it. No one at the cable co. seem to know what I was talking about since there is no outstanding balance. I was transferred to 4 different billing departments. Is it possible that they called them off? How would I know? Also, I was reading on the 3rd party communication. That means that they cannot talk to anyone else in my household about this, right?
  8. If you have life insurance, you don't need credit insurance. However,if you don't have life insurance, if you should die they would probate your estate and liabilities would be paid by the sale of assets.
  9. Mine are scheduled to come off after 7 years from charge off
  10. Thanks Dive. I'll do some more searching. nascar, although you have prudent advice, this is their error.
  11. Another question: Upon further review, the letter that I received from the cable company dated 7/20 reported a due date of 7/30. Since it was paid on 7/22 and they still (apparently erroneously) turned it over (or sold it) to a CA, is there any violation by the OC. I spoke to the OC yesterday and they are showing a 0 balance and had no idea what happened.
  12. Wonderful! Do I need to tell them that it has been paid or just wait until they try to take me court and see how many violations they rack up?
  13. Congrats Ray! I have one coming off next year. I know just how you feel
  14. ctmgr

    Round 2

    I feel for you Dive...sometimes it seems like a never ending battle. You have been a strong voice of wisdom here and have helped many people through what you've learned. Addressing the post from Methuss, can you try to target this through political means? I know alot of the disreputable credit repair is out of FL.
  15. I got a call yesterday from a collection agency about a cable bill from July. I knew that all my bills have been paid in full, so I had no idea what they were talking about. Afterward, I dig in to past statements and realized that I had received a cut-off notice dated 7/20 for $30. I paid the $30 + the current bill on 7/22. So the account was never cut off and the balance is current. However, it seems that through someone's oversight at the cable co., they mistakenly turned the claim over to collection. I would love the chance to sock it to the CA since they have no claim. Any suggestions?
  16. Divemedic and RA know MUCH more than I do, BUT I have dealt with garnishments on employees and they have come straight from the court. No one ever called me to verify pay status. just my 2 cents.....
  17. Great advice, as usual, LNY. I will take both of your and Breathing's suggestions into consideration when I speak to the representative about closing the account. The larger issue is with integrity, though. The same reason my mutual funds are only with green companies. I don't want to contribute to enabling CC companies to treat respectable customers badly. If I had in earnest missed a payment or paid less than the minimum, I would certainly understand and comply with their policy. But I had paid over $600 on this account since March (my minimum is only $30/month). I feel that if I were a val
  18. Thank you for your input Breathing. You're always so compassionate! I really appreciate you for all the help you give to others. As for my FICO, you know what, it may drop. I have another card with longer longevity that I use for business travel. I'll be paying the account in full before I close it. I made my final decision based on 2 things...it already cost me half of what I made in overpayments to them and I secured a lower interest rate to transfer. Besides, loan officers know that some CC's are shady and I can confidently explain my decision. Admittedly, it was also a learning experienc
  19. The default is NOT removed. In some professions, I understand their is some leniency (such as healthcare,etc.). However, if you are not in these professions, you are stuck with a default for 7 years.
  20. As you may know (or will by scrolling down a few posts) I had an altercation with a CC company this week. I also manage a retail store and see the transfer of goods and services all day. If I put the business relationship between a card holder and the CC company in perspective of how my store operates, then I see things in a whole new light. You pay CC companies to loan money to you and you in turn agree to pay them back and under the conditions, including interest agreements, that you both have agreed upon. (My customers agree to pay me a certain amount for an item and expect a level of quali
  21. Sorry Angel, I know from personal experience this is NOT true. I consolidated on a defaulted SL. The Consolidated Loan shows positive, but I still have the OC of the original loans and the guarantee of the original loans listing paid with all negs still there. Won't come off until 2009.
  22. From my experience, Recovering has the best advice. Most CC companies have a hardship division that will work with you. However, she needs to know that whether she does that or goes with a CCC, there is a chance that either will affect her credit report negatively, because she is not paying according to the agreement they can report it as such. But, having a charge off or judgement hurts for a LONG time and really limits what you are able to do years later. If she can squeeze extra money out of her budget to pay additionally on these so that she is making payments on the principle and not just