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  1. Looking into doing a Streamline Refi on my FHA. I have heard that it is not as seamless as proposed..........anyone had issues in doing this?
  2. Gold is money, Silver is money..........Fiat currency was designed as a divisible instrument to keep from carrying the actual coin or bar. FDR confiscated the peoples gold then revalued it.....Nixon took us off the gold standard to allow the fractional reserve system to favor the bankers and also to allow the politicians to manipulate the peoples wealth through deficit and inflation. While you are correct that the constitution gives only Congress the right to control the money supply and all decisions with that right.....Congress has gladly abdicated that duty to the Federal Reserve for the good of the money changers and the peril of the people. Returning to a gold standard in some form is coming.......It does not matter about the amount of gold that exist compared to a GDP.....It has more to do with at what point will that gold be revalued to reflect the fiat dollars that exist in a given day....which includes all debt held by governments. BTW....Gold is only traded as a commodity because of it's current use. It is getting set up to be a Tier 1 asset, which will make it once again, a form of money across the board, and the next leg will be a world currency base. Also....All government's still produce Gold coins and Silver coins.........Silver is the most undervalued asset we have seen in 100 years.....one day soon that lil tidbit will be known to the masses.
  3. Interesting, I would expect to see some signs of light after the election in the housing market........Dentia, are you seeing this just in Florida or are you hearing some of the same from others realtors in other states?
  4. Have you checked out Loansafe.org you ight find more info about what you are looking for.
  5. But, but........what would Merkel say?
  6. Take it back to the bank and park it.....send them a CMRR with the keys and a letter and let it go until they come at your for the balance and past due amounts.
  7. These were 2 rentals I had at the time........went through a chapter "20" on this starting in 99. The properties were surrendered in the BK, yet the bank did nothing with them and they set for 10 years before the county demolished the structures. I had suit filed by a company who bought back taxes........then the state comes in wanting any years that were not bought. Since these properties are still in my name, I am holding the hot pan right now. It will be me going back to the BK court seeking relief under the prior discharge against the suit and the state for the taxes.........like was said, this adds up to a nice sum, when you include interest and penalties. All taxes were from 99 to 2012.
  8. Looks as though I will be heading back to BK court under an adversarial claim. Had a BK discharged in 2000 .....2 properties has since been in my name with no interjection from the bank on these, just left in my name. FFWD, 2012.......taxes were bought by different parties soooo now I get suit filed against me for said taxes + all the hoopla surrounding said monies. Lawyer files several motions to no avail per the Plaintiff. I have warned Plaintiff with CMRR letters over the course of the last 12 years as well as the bank who held the paper....all went to file 13 I guess, the lawyer has also maintained a paper trail throughout this time. Don't know much about the BK adversary filing.....just told it's not a willy nilly thing to do and very serious.......much more so under the old rules. Anyone been through this part under an old BK?
  9. The Euro got a bounce due to last weeks meeting of the minds (sarc), they fixed nothing and Merkel is having an ever hard time with the German people over this..........maybe the Germans just walk, who knows. What we do know is nothing at all was accomplished to fix the unfix-able, this was a terrible 10 year failed experiment with the Euro. "when is the usd going to become worthless"............when it is no longer accepted to buy goods.........yet the Euro will cease to exist before this happens. It's a global fiat race to the bottom, it's all the rage.
  10. When pigs fly, this will happen. There are reasons that these jobs paying 165k per year cost millions in most cases to win. This is about power , nothing else. If they are not a millionaire before they get in, they are after they get there...........the system is corrupt from top to bottom and the people do not have the will to change it. In the not to distant future, the system will force itself to change. This train is on a downhill slope and the tracks are missing at the bottom and the EBT cards are about to disapear.......it will not end well.
  11. Now that this thing is in defcon mode......any thoughts as to how long before the pain comes here? I know short term, it's a dolla pop.....long term I think the fat lady is warming up backstage as benny prepares for QE x3 in the coming months to help deflate the dolla again.....not to mention the debt ceiling breach that may come right before the erection of Obamy or O'romney.
  12. JM, Check out Loansafe.org.........MANY, Many people in your shoes with a wealth of information for you there.
  13. The IMF, and the ECB.........they are the clearing house for everything Euro.
  14. With the Fed now backstopping the euro.......Whats your time line for the breakdown or collapse. I think in 4-6 months the Euro is gone........I see the Fed intervention as a band-aid to give the strong countries enough time to get things in order to cross back into their own currency they had before this debacle was instituted......I also think the PIIGS are toast. If Italy and Spain are left for the wolves, the ripple effect here will not be good, and the presses will go into hyper drive for QE to infinity. We are very close to losing the dollar as the reserve currency.
  15. You need to correct your mailing addys for all credit reporting agency's so they reflect the same and is your true mailing address.
  16. This was a gift unless specified through a will......a gift is a gift, you have no rights to it and your FIL has no rights to it. I don't see a common law property issue here, you could try that angle on him or just tell him to pound sand and pony up the fiat to buy the new GF a ring of her own. Call an Attny....see what he tells you.
  17. Just seen a post from NASCAR.......lurk and post some since my repair. High 700's score, not much debt other than mortgage. Been addicted to buying PM's again, who knows what the banker political tramps will unleash next......better to have it and not need it. Got's me 3 grand babies that keep me focused @ 48 they make me feel old, but yet young enough to almost keep up with them. Happy Turkey day to all.........ENJOY!
  18. BK, BK....Did I type BK. There is no way out of this that I can see. Simply walking away and going Chpt 7 seems the logical solution..........If she cant pay the utility's, she could never pay the monies already owed. Maybe she could do a short sale, yet she has 2 mortgages and already 80k down which is a tuff position........either way the house will set empty, a renter will do no good as she will eventually get foreclosed on, then the renter is screwed, she also may be obligated to disclose this fact. Best to get out completely and start new.
  19. Yup , there is no magic cure. Consider now that your car is getting ethanol in the gas mix by some 10-20 % depending on where you live. Unless your car was made to take ethanol as a flex fuel, then consider adding a injector cleaning agent to your fuel about the time you change your oil, and some octane boost if your going on a trip..........pay up now or pay later. Sea foam is a stabilizer, you need to add a cleaner and upper cylinder lube, there are many and not much difference in them except price.
  20. Yup, that is great news Congrats.........myself, I have only one card that I have had since 86, it works for me and its from my CU and it has never had over a 10% rate. I use it and pay it off........Last I checked my score was 6 months ago @740. I owe on my house, as soon as the buffoons get the rates to 3%, I will refi and let the dollar devaluation take care of the rest. If I need a big ticket item, it does not get purchased without half being in cash and 90 days no interest. Not being a debt slave has been eye opening, saving "real" money for a SHTF scenario has gotten to be a mission.....almost there.
  21. Great job........If you show up and contest you win. As you stated these JDB's have bubkas to go on and depend on defaults to get the money, and sadly it works consistently.
  22. Best thing you can do for your wife is make her get a job and pay this monster off. It does not matter what you think about the loan, the fact remains, it;s a SL and it will never go away, the value ( interest) will always go up, it will get collected at some point. By letting this thing grow, you are not doing yourself a favor......since SL's are forever, I dont see you settling this debt for pennies on the dollar, this is one debt you cant run from......your wife working a few hours per week is not going to kill her.....you best bet is to get this monkey off your back while you can.
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