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  1. like i said, i called EQ and they said they do not see anything like a split file, or duplicate file. i can go to the EQ website and pull the correct information. thanks for everyone's responces. the site look like alot of very knowlegdable people! thanks
  2. i have been tring for about 2 weeks, by updating my credit on the truecredit website to get it to pull the eq credit report. i have been a member of truecredit since june 2005, and never had a problem until last week. when i update the CR, i get TU and EX, but for some reason, i only get my name, address , and i collection account that is not even mine, everything else is gone, on EQ. on the credit score page, it tells me there is not enough info to generate a score. but i can go to the EQ website, and pull my credit, and i got what my credit should look like. i have been calling truecredit CS number and they kept telling they were fixing in and for me to try again in 24 hours, the next time, they told me to try in 48 hours. well today the person gave me an 866 number to call, which is thier second tier support. i talked to a guy there and he told me that is sounded like i had a "split profile" and that i needed to call EQ to get it resolved. he gave me a temp comfirmation number and the phone number to call. i called EQ and they told me there was nothing they were showing that had a split or duplicate profile. i called the other 866 number back, and got a lady, she told me that there was nothing they could do, that the only reason i would get bogus info from them, is because eq sent them that. i told her i can go to the eq sight and see the correct report. she had no answers. but she did give me credit for this month because of it, and told me that it should fix itself. anyone else had this prblem. like i said, i have been with them for over a year, and this is the first time i had ANY problems. i told the lady that is it did not get corrected, that thier service was pointless to me and that i would cancel. please advise if you have had this problem, or seen it. thanks btw, i am new here, and this is my first post. this is a great sight, and thanks for being here Chris Harrison