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  1. I did say that I did not receive a letter from the CA in the original 30 days, I keep everything and the only way I knew that they had the account was when I saw it on Truecredit. I did not think I could DV at that point and was still in the dark about credit. When DV'ed them later it was only with the understanding that because I hadn't received the letter that I had the right to restart the 30 days. My fear is that the CA will say that yes, they did send a letter in that first 30days and that I did not respond and that a judge is more likely to believe them. I don't have any proof that they
  2. I dv'd them only because they are still on EX, and I wanted them gone off that one. My violations are from 809 b If the consumer notifies the debt collector in writing within the thirty-day period described in subsection (a) that the debt, or any portion thereof, is disputed, or that the consumer requests the name and address of the original creditor, the debt collector shall cease collection of the debt, or any disputed portion thereof, until the debt collector obtains verification of the debt or any copy of a judgment, or the name and address of the original creditor, and a copy of such ver
  3. yep, the CA is suing me, I'm just not willing to give them a dime, if they're arent any violations then I'm willing to pay but only to pay the OC. Can I do that?
  4. Okay so here's my situation, two years ago I had a child and no insurance but after refi-ing my house I paid off the hospitial. But several months after that I received a bill for $1500 from Sierra Ansestesia (OC) for an epidural. I was not sure if the bill was paid by the hospitial so I called them and asked them the OC if they were willing to settle and they said no and that they were in the process of selling it to collections. (This was before i knew anything about anything) Well I never got any letter from the collection agency and then later they showed up on my credit, again I didn't u
  5. I've been meaning to post this for a while, but I had a recent success with The Bureaus deleting an account within 24 hours of me emailing the president of the company. I had an account from HSBC from a couple of years ago that I had deleted off all three reports and then it showed up in collections under another name Orchard but i never had an Orchard account so I started the one-two punch and got no response. So after 30days ish I sent a copy of the ITS letter to the president of The Bureaus via email and within 24 hours it was gone. It only slightly raised my Experian score because they ha
  6. People are afraid of their credit and would prefer to avoid knowledge. You can be $50,000 in debt and have better credit than me with 0 debt. The one two punch works, it just worked with an annoying unpaid collection account, watch your time lines! It was so nice to send an intent to sue letter to the president of the collection agency via email and watch the collection drop off within 4 days! That daily pulls on Truecredit will lower your inquiries on TU and EQ, only and it takes a while. That Experian is evil and will hold onto inaccurate information until I die. I'm too wimpy to sue. You n
  7. When I started I only disputed online for several months and I usually spaced out my disputes by a couple of months on items. I've been very lucky and patient, I didn't DV or MOV until recenetly and I've been at credit repair for almost a year. I've found that online they let you dispute frequently on the same item on TU, they've never denyed to investigate any item I've disputed online. I recenetly sent them a dispute thru the mail and they did refuse to investigate two items. But I'll wait it out and dispute later. EX won't allow me to dispute any more items online when I try it just says
  8. I checked my Truecredit report on Friday and found a collection account from Orchard Bank on EX. Which sucks of course, but of course I've never had an Orchard Bank credit card. So I called EX and talked to the Fraud department and pointed out that in all the years I've had credit that I've never had an Orchard Bank credit card or been an AU on one. And they of course asked me if I had filed a police report, well no, since I only found it Friday and it has to be a mistake, not mine theirs. So I disputed it and I hope it will fall off if not I'm gonna DV it with the CA. Okay so I have an id
  9. Online disputes can rid of so much and patience will pay off with it. Don't get discouraged if you don't get the same results with the other two. EQ is still the easiest for me but EX won't let go of much. Good luck!
  10. 'Not Mine' is your best first bet, and don't get discouraged. Good Luck!!
  11. I've got three companies reporting lates on my CR's, they are all paid off-- Reliant- (2005/2006) (2) 30 day lates on TU (1) 30 day late on EX, and EQ (none of them match in terms of when I was late on any of my CR's) Wells Fargo CC- (2004) (3) 30 day lates on all three CRA's (this account was paid off after the lates and closed by them) Wells Fargo Financal- (2005/2006) (1) 30 day late on all CRA's (EX does not match TU and EQ on month late.) I sent dispute letters yesterday, disputing the lates with all three CRA's and OC's as was not late. I called Reliant today and asked if they could veri
  12. I'm gonna follow your advice and leave it alone, I'll pay it off after the refi, it's a couple of months away but i won't do anything that will touch my already less than perfect score. I haven't paid it to tell you the truth because what I paid to them was several hundred dollars more than what they said I owed them. I could just scream but I'm holding on to my money. My scores are up at least one hundred points from last year when i got this loan. So I'm hoping this time my interest rate will be something less than 9%, ouch.
  13. I have this Citi account that I paid off in full, well sorta in 2004, I was a wimp and just paid it to the OC in my refi and never contacted them as to the real amount I owed. The account shows I owe $206 and it's derog on all three CR's, and I'm finally in a position to pay it! So, I've got this refi coming up in a couple of months, should I pay it? Or should I pay it later? They've never come after me for it and I'm not sure if called them they'd turn it into a good TL. So if I pay it, it will no longer be derog but will it kill my score? It's not great now but I don't think I could handl