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  1. I am in the process of settling a debt with Midland's "Lawers". They sent a fax which put the terms in writing. I asked them how my credit report would be notated and they said that as soon as they receive payment, they would report to Midland and I would have to wait 60-90 days for the update. My question is should I try to get those terms in writing from Midland or should I send the credit bureaus the paid agreement and dispute the status of the report? As soon as I pay the settlement, the CA will: 1. We will advise our client that we have received the settlement so that they can update
  2. Ok sorry bout that. Just got a little crazy there. Its my last old problem and Im very close to being done with the whole damn thing. Thanks for the help....Pipe
  3. Ok here is how my situation is going. I set up a payment plan with a CA and gave my chking acct out (I know I know not smart). Now its been 2 months and no debits from CA. I now called OC and they still own the debt and are willing to either settle or set up a payment plan. The OC stated that I shouldn't deal with the CA and to call Oct. 1st to set up the deal. My question now is: Do you think the OC (citi) called the CA to inform them of the current situation? Or should I call them to cancel our verbal agreement that they broke in the first place???? Or just let it go and deal with ci
  4. Ok so I talked to Citi card and I have been advised to discontinue talks with CA and to call them back Oct 1st at which time I will be offered a settlement or payment plan. I have transferred all my money at my bank into another acct there. I was just wondering if the CA can (or will) collect from the other acct number at my bank.
  5. Has anyone negotiated with an OC (citicard) after the debt is placed with a CA? I just wanna know how realistic my chances are. Who do I ask for? Also, are there any key points I can bring up to get the OC to work a deal with me?
  6. Ill do that today. My account where the money will be debited from has only the exact amount of money for that debt. No other money goes through there. What if citi wont work with me? It is my debt and id like to take care of it....thanks
  7. I set up a 6 month payment plan with a GC Services fot a Citi Bank debt. As the date for the debit came I recieved my notice that they would be debiting the payment on the correct date. Problem is that no money has been paid and the second payment s/b coming out in a few days. No notice has been sent for the 2nd payment. Is is still possible to call citi and let them know their CA isnt collecting and work out a plan with them????? Thanks
  8. Thanks Tori! That letter may give me some firepower against the CA to lower my settlement or get a better payment plan. That action was totally inappropriate.
  9. Thanks. I am a little embarrassed. I just moved into this neighborhood in January. I figured getting mad at them wouldnt make my situation any better. I will wait until I reach a settlement to let them have it. Right now debt between 7 and 10K willing to settle around 5K. They are giving me till sat to let them know. of course I dont have the dough. Offered me payment plan for 4 mos. Gonna see what I can get them down to.
  10. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else. I got a note on my door from a neighbor 2 doors down with a name and a number for a CA. Do they have the right to call my neighbors????
  11. Thanks all! The info you all have provided has been great. I will continue to use it. It lowers the stress level a few notches.
  12. The CA made their 1st call on april 7th I believe. I havent refused any letters. I asked CA if Sears owned the debt and as of tuesday the 29th sears did. Also checked credit report and the only thing the CA did was pull my report. Should I ask to talk to a manager or someone at sears that may be willing to work out a final solution?? Or will they stay neutral and refer me to the CA? Any info will be appreciated!!
  13. Thanks! I will be looking for a recorder today. I dont have a lump of cash so a payment plan is prob my only option. I will study your post you linked me to and use that method. The things she was saying didnt even agree with illinois law. I checked it out. Said 25% of gross for garnishment but only allowed 15%. Have a good one!
  14. Thanks Gator. The debt is no doubt mine. I intend to pay it back but cannot do it at their unreasonable requests. My Dunning letter was dated 4/8/08. Should I still DV? I just want to be set up on a permanent payment plan to get rid of this once and for all! Debt between 6 and 8K. What is the best way to get to a payment plan?????
  15. I talked with the OC and thier collections dept. said to deal with CA which is Pioneer Credit Recovery. So I talked to the woman for the 2nd time and she said file is in Pre-Litigation and I needed to come up with a solution within a week or so which happens to be around 30 days since Dunning Letter. OC told me that once she releases file with recommendation, "should only take 8 days or so for attorney to settle with judge for garnishment,(25% of gross in illinois) lein, or clearing accts." I told her I didnt have the money right now and she told me to get a loan and gave me a number saying