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  1. I haven't been around much lately due to finally finding a decent job. Unfortunately I have been served by Wolpoff regarding my MBNA account & apparently a visit to the NAF is in my future. I am retaining an attorney but I was just wondering/hoping if anyone would share their own experience with a similar situation so I know exactly what to ask/suggest to the attorney. Thanks in advance everyone. All the best in 2007.
  2. I went back today and the MBNA account has vanished. I am however going to pursue trying to settle with BoA maybe I can have better luck than with MBNA?
  3. A friend of mine is dealing with Midland on some old accounts. She DV'ed and they sent a copy of her last statement showing a balance of $144 however, they are claiming her balance is now over $500. They did not send her any info on how the balance was computed. Did I read here that a JDC is not allowed to charge interest and/or fees to original debt or did I imagine that?
  4. Thanks for all the replies, Earth Angel & Methuss your responses were especially helpful. I am going to call the new 800 number BOA is providing on their website. I am hoping that maybe I can still deal with them on a settlement or repayment terms that I can manage, something I could not seem to acomplish with MBNA.
  5. I just looked again and actually they did not tack it on to my existing account they opened a new separate account with the amount they charged off. I'm not sure of the details because the BOA site says the credit card info is being updated so is not currently available??
  6. Some of you may remember I had an MBNA Account that charged off and went to W&A for collection. Today I log into my BOA online info and found that my BOA Credit Card which had a zero balance and only $400 limit now has the full balance from my MBNA card. I'm very freaked out because I still cannot pay the card but we have bank accounts at BOA, joint account with my husband but it's actually all his money-I'm unemployed, and now wonder if they can randomly withdraw to pay the card. Also this new balance will bring me over the limit and the interest rate on this card is ridiculous, this crazy amount is going to keep growing- I will literaly never be out of this hole. I'm guessing I have no course of action however any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just checked all 3 of my credit reports. The one negative TL I have is my MBNA account which has charged off. I noticed the following explainations listed for each CRA on my TC Report: TU: Charged off as bad debt Profit & Loss write Off EXP: Unpaid balance reported as a loss by the credit grantor EQU: Charged Off Account My question is this: If they have now written my debt off as a loss why is an attorney representing them still able to attempt collection? I understand if a Junk Collector buys it and it is now their account they can collect but if their attorney collects money from me on a debt they have claimed as a loss aren't they double dipping? Maybe a dumb question - just something that crossed my mind.
  8. I know they aren't reporting, as I said I am surprised that they are not. I know they are inquiring and I know why- on behalf of MBNA- I get it. What I am asking is if I should soon expect to have another negative TL from them regarding this debt or if they are not reporting it since they don't actually own it.
  9. I don't doubt that he is CEO of Equifax but you listed his email as @ Experian not Equifax that is why I asked if it was typo, two different Agencies, if he is CEO of Equifax I would think his email would be not
  10. Just have to say...LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!
  11. Thanks Raysway- I appreciate your reply!
  12. Okay- yes I signed up for the one with the inital fee and then continuing monthly fee. The reason I asked is because I noticed at the top of the report it said something like this report is good until 9 Novemeber 2006 so I just wanted to make sure I correctly understood what I was getting.
  13. NEVER NEVER NEVER send a CA money unless you have a signed written agreement regarding the debt. You need to negotiate your settlement in writing not only for the amount to be paid but that any remaining balance will not be sold to anothe CA and how it gets reported or deleted from your reports.
  14. After reading all the recommendations here I went and signed up for True Credit. Am I understanding this correctly- I have access to my three reports for one months and then I only have access to my scores and alerts to any changes but not the actual reports after the first 30 days?