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  1. I disputed four CA with EQUIFAX and they verfied in December. Well today I sent out another dispute because after reviewing all three CRs the amounts are different. Anyway, I have a CA (AFNI) that I am trying to get removed. It's from Cingular. It's two hundred dollars. I am considering a PFD, should I contact AFNI or Cingular. BTW, AFNI validated the debt with a bill bearing my name and address. Help please.
  2. please read over what you just typed. vsjhoc
  3. oh okay! yes, it sounds like a winner! I need to read up on this as well because I'm sure it's a stipulation somewhere. Because if it's that simple EVERYONE will soon try it and they (creditors) will catch on. too good to be true. lawful or not;)
  4. if you draw a line thru your ss card, how is that telling a creditor not to pull your credit app? And you do have to sign the credit app. Please explain how that would work. Better yet, have you done this?
  5. well I do have another question about this. you are committing fraud if you change your address and phone number just to fill out a credit app, right? I mean changing your address on your dmv???
  6. I'm new at the credit repair thing but you made a very interesting point. Since I'm a newbie I don't know very much about the law regarding credit. My point is I have a business and I wouldn't want to do anything unlawful. I also have a family that I wouldn't want to be away from for something as simple as trying to separate my credit file. So it does sound okay but I don't know. let's see what the others think.
  7. I agree with divemedic. That is just tooooooooooo much CRAP to go thru. And just tooooooooooo much trouble. All the NEW info and and hiding crap. An even bigger headache. I pass! With 3 kids, I would incriminate myself in no time. No jail time for mexrulesx
  8. okay here are the balances, the co amounts are different sorry about the mix up: Eq has $851 bal as of 9/2006 $566 co amount Ex has $851 bal as of 9/2006 $557 co amount TU has $851 bal as of 10/2006 $861 past due high bal $557 What do you think?
  9. HI! I was wondering the exact same thing. All three of the CRAs are reporting 3 different amounts on my files for Cap 1. Is that legal? Cap 1 really is full of CRAP! How could the balance keep going up?
  10. No, I don't have any that would leave a $600 balance or more. Thanks for the info. Would you send it via fax or CMRR?(the agreement)
  11. But I can't PIF that's why I want to offer a settlement. Cap 1 says I owe three different amounts. I'm just shooting for a delete.
  12. Have aquestion, I disputed 4 COs on my CR that all came back verified from the CRAS and the OC. I would like to offer a settlement amount and a PFD. But in the letter wanted to clearly state that if the money order or check for the settlement amount was cashed that would be their agreement to delete from all CREDIT REPORTING AGENCIES including three big three CRA'S (EX,EQ,&TU). Would this work?
  13. DHK please don't leave on my account. I find your answers to be very helpful however, people interpret things differently. I'm new at this and from your posts I can tell that you are very knowledgeable in the credit repair area. We are all adults and here for the same reasons. I needed help and had questions so I asked. Didn't mean to offend you or anyone else on this forum. I'm not LAZY, I need help and I have tried to research for answers to my questions before I posted them. Don't imply that I'm lazy because I ask questions. Like I have stated in previous posts, I'm here to try to repair my credit and this process is overwhelming, so I'm seeking help. Whatever one thinks of me, Lazy.....whatever, I need help and ONLY God can JUDGE me. I never asked you or anyone else on this forum to research or do any work FOR ME! You say you want to help but you shouldn't be so BLUNT and quick to JUMP to conclusions, and CRITICAL! Most of us are perfect strangers. I spend alot of time doing research and with 3 kids and a hubby, I couldn't be LAZY if I wanted to. They keep me going.
  14. First of all, thanks for the reply DHK but I'm not trying to hide anything from you or any one else for that matter. I was simply asking if my application was approved can they then turn around and deny me an account if it has already been funded. If they were open I would ask them the exact same questions but since I found the info regarding Lockheed on this forum, I thought maybe I could get answers to some of the questions that I have. And how am I umping to conclusions by asking a simple question? From this point on, feel free not to ANSWER posts from me if my questions BOTHER you so. I am very well aware of the fact that you are Not "Lockheed Member Services" and if I choose not to disclose something on this forum, I won't. I'm sure there are alot of members that don't disclose every single detail. It's up to the members to answer if they choose to do so. Trust me, I won't get mad or offended. If they answer, they answer and if they don't, I will not lose sleep or passover. Thanks for your reply.
  15. I applied online with Lockheed and have funded my accounts and was told that my account couldn't be fully opened until my signature card is on file. Well I've mailed it but I want to know if anyone has gotten approved then denied an account. Please reply. Thanks!