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  1. I'm sure this has been asked and answered, but none of my searches could find it. Steve and I finally cleaned up our credit scores, with all past defaults falling off last year. Now, Steve is in the VA hospital for the 3rd time this year and has been told by several doctors that he will not be able to return work. As directed by a VA social worker, he has filed for SS disability, but it has yet to be approved. That being said, money is past tight and we have not been able to make our car payment this month. If we aren't able to do so by the end of this month, how badly will this one late payme
  2. If this was a private loan, it has probably passed the SOL...check your state. If federal, you'll have to pay.
  3. I understand that they changed it in order to keep it on my record. Even though it is no longer listed under the negative area, it shows me owing, which has a negative impact on future credit applications. My questions are whether this is allowed under the FCRA and if I have any recourse.
  4. Thanks, P.A.'er. The listing is from the OC, to whom I sent a combination SOL/ C&D. The calls did stop, but now they've pulled this. I'll send them another for the switch.
  5. I posted this under the Credit Bureaus' section on 02/01. The only reply was from someone asking the same question, and so I am reposting here, hoping for help. I’ve started checking my free reports, spacing them over a few months, to make sure the defaults that should have fallen off have. When I checked TransUnion, I found a private, non-federally backed student loan that defaulted in 2002 (I sent the company a SOL letter in 2007) relisted under the “positive” area as, “Student loan not in repayment.” Yes, it is now supposedly positive, but it still shows me owing money…which I do and hop
  6. Go to the following site. If your loan is not listed here, it has a SOL.
  7. Defaults are starting to fall off of my reports. When I checked TransUnion, Brazos is listing a private, non-federally backed, loan as: Student loan not in repayment. Well, yeah, but it defaulted in 2002 and this entry should have fallen off Dec. of 2009. I believe they are doing this because I sent them a SOL letter in 2007. How do I remedy this?
  8. Does anyone here recognize the following number? 949-812-4683 I have received numerous calls from this number; it is a recorded message that responds whether I answer the call or not, in which case a message is left. Thanks
  9. My SM fed loan is currently in deferment for unemployment. I've had three derferments, two while working less than 30 hours a week. We moved when my husband was transferred in March and I have been unable to find even a part time position. (Many, many applications, only 2 calls..."over qualified.") My question is simple: how many deferments can I get?
  10. ( I apologize ahead of time for the number of questions that follows.) How can I tell which OC matches the junk buyers? Will I use the same letters that I would for the OC? What information will I need to include?
  11. I pulled my reports and have a preemptive question regarding the dating of defaults that have been sold many times and show up as “reported on” dates years after the actual default occurred. I’m concerned about how to deal with these if they don’t fall off based on the DOLA/DOLP, which should begin within the next two months. Do the credit agencies’ systems keep up with the information (regarding original creditor/DOLA/DOLP) and follow through as required? If they don’t, how do I go about getting them off? (Please forgive me if I used the wrong acronyms!)
  12. The letter is simply an "account breakdown," listing the alledged Principal Balance, Interest Due, Collection Costs, and Total Due...nothing else. Isn't there a time limit for them to provide validation once the request is received?
  13. Thank you for your reply. I requested validation after the first contact and well within the 30 days required after receiving the letter. As I stated, I told the latest caller of the letter, and today I received a letter that states: "You have requested an intemization of your account." The letter contains an "account breakdown." The original request for validation was received by Enterprise Recovery Systems on 10/20/2008, just short of a year ago.
  14. I believe that I know the answer, but I want to cover all bases. I sent ERS a certified validation letter October of 2008; I have the tracking information showing it was received and the calls stopped soon after...validation was never received. Two weeks ago I started getting calls again. My caller ID shows the first call was missed; I answer the second and told them the matter was handled. I was ready with the paperwork when the third call came last night. The caller was informed of the letter and tracking information and he said he would put it in his records. Now, for the many in
  15. I just wanted to update those who offered advice to me. I went to the Credit Union and spoke with the Branch Manager. I explained that I had spoken with someone earlier and understood that the mistake had been mine, and what the circumstances were as to how the error occurred (trying to keep up on- line while traveling out of state to my mother-in-law's funeral, not realizing that the online record does not keep up with each use of the card, the need for me to also keep a ledger.) He was more than gracious and reimbursed both overdraft fees. Believe me, the ledger has already become my const