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  1. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=224956
  2. I just fought off four accounts similar to this. Many don't agree with my approach, but I won 4 out of 4 battles in 30 days flat: This is a time of balance between love and war. You should be as sweet and kind as you can with the collections department. Help them to see what an innocent mistake this was. Don't rip into their company and how bad they suck. don't talk about hiring an attorney. Start with "I'm a victim of circumstance." This should be done by phone, and work up the ladder at the collections department. the $7/hour shmuck who answers the phone won't be able to do anything but listen. After he tells you he can't do anything, ask for the supervisor. Chances are they have a pretty decent number of supervisors over at Sears Collections. Keep fishing for supervisor until you get one who will hear you out. Also, write to the collection agency and tell them that you are disputing this charge with the original creditor and you do not want any contact from them. If they do contact you after that, it's a violation. the collection agencies are almost always dead ends. They won't listen and won't care about your story. If you get them on a violation, then you are in business. If not, then they are useless. At the same time, start a letter writing campaign. Write to customer service, the legal department, the collections department, public relations department and to everyone else who is in management that you can find. Have your story down pact and don't abuse Sears - it won't help your cause. At the same time, get all the documentation on your account that you can. Write to customer service and request copies of your signature card when you opened the account and your account statements. Ask them for copies of any correspondences that you received on this account. Also, call customer service and ask them to read to you the notes on your account. this is probably the only remaining documentation on your agreement. If the notes show that they promised this, then you can use that greatly in your call campaign. Your goal at this stage is simple - find a person in authority who is kind and will hear you out and take action. Here are some things that you might hear which are not true: 1. "This has already been sent to a collection agency - there is nothing we can do for you". The answer being, "Sir, if you do want to help, you definitely can. All you have to do is recall the account from collection." 2. "If you pay the account, it will be listed as a paid charge off. It may affect your score, but only a little." WRONG! Don't pay until you know you are getting your credit fixed. 3. "We cannot delete accurate information. Since this was sent to charge off, we can only update it as a paid charge off." WRONG! Whatever they report to the CRA is what they will show in your report. Accurate information gets deleted all the time when consumers agree with creditors. Now, if you don't get results through "butt-kissing", then you need to get nasty. In your case, you have a very compelling story. Weapons at your disposal: 1. FTC complaint 2. BBB complaint 3. Attorney General complaint A few things I don't know and need input on: 1. Can you require them to send you everything on your account? I believe you can. If you can, then get the account notes. 2. Do you have anythign in writing that they agreed your balance was zero? Next time you get anyone to agree to anything by phone, PLEASE ask for it in writing.
  3. What was the purpose of your dispute? Did you dispute as "Not mine" or "never late"? do you dispute that you actually had the account at all, or do you dispute their records of the transactions? You need to be specific about the nature of your dispute. The lost or stolen card was probably put there by Dell, meaning that you probably told Dell that these transactions are not yours and they have determined that to be a claim of identity theft. If these transactions are actually not yours, then you can simply file a report of identity theft and they will drop off your report like nothing happened! If the charges are legit, i can tell you that Dell is very quick in responding to the CRA's. They keep excellent records and are probably not going to let you off the hook easily. Please tell me what your story is about this trade line and let's see what we can come up with.
  4. Yea, new accounts will usually hurt your score for about 6 months. The reasoning is simple - the consumer took on new credit. Maybe that indicates trouble (ie - you borrowed money because you need it!) or maybe you have over-extended yourself. After 6 months of on-time payments, that negative factor starts to fade. Also, remember that a big part of your credit score is the average age of your trade lines. New trade lines obviously hurt you here as well.
  5. For those who are familiar with TU Inquiry bumping, I have a tool coming out next week which will automatically do this if you use TrueCredit.com. Just run the tool, enter your login and let it work. Each day it logs in, updates your report and tells you in detail about any and all changes which occurred over the last 24 hours. this is much better than any monitoring service, since they don't give you the minor details, like balance changes, etc.
  6. Dude, did you give them permission to pull your credit? If not, that's a major boo-boo. They can't just go and pull your credit to see if they like you before reading your GW letter. You might get them on that and get a settlement deletion.
  7. Problem is - the CRAs have a lien status "dismissed". It hits your rating too, though not as bad as paid or open. Now, if you can get the county to report "filed in error", that's a different story-that's instant deletion! But "dismissed", only if you are lucky! Of course, the county clerk can simply send in the UFD to delete! That would make it all go away. Just don't know if you can convince them to do it.
  8. I read nasty stuff about TU on the boards, so I thought I was in for a fight with them. Nothing to it- they just rolled on 7 entries during a one month period. I went from 518 to 650 in 35 days! The one issue that I thought I was going to have was a tax lien that was filed in error. Somehow the court verified it although I sent in the release as "filed in error". I called and the lady did some searching. She found that i sent in the document and said she would handle it personally. 3 days later - no lien. Maybe this is like review season with network TV? Perhaps some FACTA-mandated study on customer service is happening right now? They were all so friendly to me! :confused:
  9. Well, I was pretty persistant on this one. The CA was just useless. They lied to me every time I called - telling me that I missed my opportunity to dispute, that they cannot delete since it's paid, that my situation doesn't qualify as identity theft, etc, etc. Also, I tried to work through the fraud department at the bank. Round and round she goes - same result every time! Finally, I got smart and called customer service and asked for the supervisor responsible for charged off accounts. A couple of transfers later and I was speaking to someone with a heart and mind. 5 days later I got both a deletion and a refund on the money paid!!!
  10. Please advise: 1. Lost my wallet in January, 2006 2. theives charged up my cards 3. I cancelled all cards, except for one debit card (forgot about it!) 4. Foolishly did not file a police report 5. Bank notified me of account balance, but my mail wasn't forwarded to me by a relative 6. Bank charged off In general, I understand that it's my irresponsibilty on steps 1, 4 and 5 that put me in this bind. At the same time, I hope that I can jump on the identity theft bandwagon to get my butt out of the sling for this $200 charge off. Also, my understanding is that after 60 days I am technically responsible for any fraudulent charges on a debit card. Does that mean that I don't qualify for deletion? I know I need to pay the money, but maybe the event still qualifies as identity theft under FACTA? Thanks, Kenn
  11. Is there a regulatory requirement that a creditor notify me of monies owed before reporting a charge off to the credit reporting agencies? If so, by what means of notification? On September 2004, I opened an account with a web hosting company for my employer. I did this with my company credit card. The company failed to perform and I cancelled the account. Little did I know, they assessed an account setup fee. they notified me of this fee by email. We had a problem with our email server and the emails were missed. In November, 2004, the company reported a charge off of $70 to my credit report. Since then, they have been absolutely obstinate and refuse to work with me. the company paid the bill and they still won't consider deletion. I believe that they violated my rates by failing to notify me of the debt and failing to notify me that they hit my credit report. they state that email notification is sufficient. Please advise. Thank you, Kenn
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