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  1. I don't fully understand the Midland one. What was the complaint for?
  2. All I can say is read, read and read. When you go to the forums there are a bunch of pinned topics for newbies, FAQ, etc. They have a wealth of information and will get you started. Welcome and good luck!
  3. Exactly! It has been several years since I did credit repair so this was good for me.
  4. I disputed on Experian and got two Equable Ascent Financial and one from Bay Area Credit. I have a long way to go but glad that three are gone!
  5. "To Kill a Mockingbird" and "My Cousin Vinny"
  6. It's been on there but it just changed with this dispute in December. Today I get a letter stating "information you provided regarding this account has been forwarded fro review. However, we have been unable to contact you to discuss this account. If we are unable to establish contact within 30 days, we may resume collection." First of all, the first letter asking me for info was sent on December 28 and NO information was sent to them. I don't know what they are talking about.
  7. Do you mean dispute with the CB again?
  8. Well doesn't everybody dispute several times hoping something will stick? I do not know if information is correct, however since I disputed, the LVNV has been changed to opened in 12/12.
  9. Which do you think is better? A DV? Thanks!
  10. I claimed the LVNV account was not mine.
  11. I disputed with the credit bureau that the account was not mine. 28 days later they (LVNV/Resurgent) send me a letter stating they need me to clarify my dispute so that they can conduct a thorough investigation. They are asking me to mail information describing the nature of my dispute. I have already stated not my account so what more do they need? I have not heard back from credit bureau. The letter states they submitted a request to all three to update the account ton"account information disputed by consumer."
  12. I disputed an LVNV account with Transunion on 12/30. On 12/28 they sent letter that they received limited information and need me to clarify so that they can do thorough investigation. However, on the letter it has account name, info and balance. I disputed it as not mine. What is my next step? It's been so long since I've worked on credit repair. Thanks!
  13. So on my Equifax it say DOFD 12/08 but due to fall off September 2015. Is it safe to still send DV?
  14. Will they withdraw on one that has been released due to the 10 years passing?
  15. The reason I am thinking SOL passed is because if it reports for 7 years, it says it will be on until September 2015. 7 off of 3015 would take me back to 2008. So does that mean the DOFD was in 2008? I know I did not have T-Mobile after 2008. Should I still DV?
  16. The OC (T-Mobile) is no longer reporting on the three reports. Midland is reporting and states 'This account is scheduled to continue on record until September 2015." I have a letter from them wanting to settle, blah, blah, blah. Obviously the SOL has passed correct? How do I know when the first date of delinquency was? I haven't done this credit clean up in a few years so I don't recall what steps to do. I am thinking a DV letter? Thank you in advance.
  17. Sorry but I am not comprehending. I need to know if I still need to pay it eventhough it is beyond the 10 years. I am paying on additional years which are sti within the 10 years and all included in the Installment Agreement.
  18. I just realized after looking at the release that those amounts are still owed. Only one of the years can be refiled. Here is my question, I am still on an installment agreement for those listed years. Can they collect if it is over the 10 years? Do they still have to be paid? I tried to search on the internet but I still don't understand.
  19. I had 3 liens filed and just had one released at the end of October. I read that effective February 2011, the IRS has made it easier to have them withdrawn. I don't know if anybody has tried that and whether it worked or not. I am going to request that they withdraw the one that they released and then it can be sent to the credit bureaus for removal. All they can say is no.
  20. For example, I have an OC that has DOFD in 2008 and charged-off in 2008. The CA has DOFD in 2012. Isn't that incorrect?
  21. Howcome some CA report a recent "date of first delinquency" when I know darn well it has been at least 4 years? Do they have to change date?