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  1. Got luv from NFCU also, my dh opened a savings, checking, e checking and a visa platinum with cl of $3k. his equifax(which is what navy fcu pulls) is 594.
  2. congrats! I know its been a tough ride but well worth it!! keep it up!
  3. hello, I have recently consolidated (within the last 60 days)my husbands studen loans from nel net to sallie mae. there is a new trade line showing on all 3 cr for sallie mae for $26k which has caused his credit score to drop by about 45 points. the nelnet accounts are still showing open with balances. once the nelnet loans are showing pad how long does it normally take for the score to go back up?
  4. I would like to thank all of my fellow CIC friends for all of the valuable information posted on this site. Due to information and advice posted on this site my scores have increased quite a bit in the past 30 days. I would like to again thank everyone for all of your experiences and encouters with creditors that you all have documented for all to share! FICO Scores TransUnion 583 3/14/2008 Equifax 507 3/14/2008 Experian 572 3/14/2008 TransUnion 668 04/15/2008 Equifax 627 04/15/2008 Experian 591 04/15/2008
  5. has anyone had any luck getting a calvary portfolio services acct/sprint pcs account deleted by harrassing or PFD?
  6. The email I sent to M Barrist (on 4/1/09)was answered by Lisa Signore. She sent me an email requesting additional information to locate my account04/07/08 ). I sent her the requested information(replied to her email on the same day I received the request) and on Thursday NCO was gone from two of my cr. I also received a letter on 04/12/08 from NCO advising me the referenced account(for directv) was closed in their office and they would notify the credit bureaus they work with to DELETE NCO entries.
  7. Just curious, I am looking to start the process on a 1st time home mortgage. my husband (3 - 30 - days)and I(1 30 days) have a few late pays on our credit. does anyone know the process(once broker sends proof to credit bureaus) for a rapid removal how long it takes to be processed?
  8. The email I sent to Mike Barrist was answered by Lisa Signore on monday. on today NCO was deleted from Exp and Tu.
  9. How can you determine if the company trying to collect is a CA or JDB? I have collections with the following companies: ALLGATE FINANCIAL LLC - payday loan CENTRAL FINL CONTROL - medical bill CAVALRY PORTFOLIO SERVIC - sprint CREDIT SOLUTIONS CORP - providian CERTIFIED RECOVERY SYSTM - payday loan CLIENT SERVICES INC - bofa CREDIT MANAGEMENT LP - time warner UNIQUE NATIONAL COLLECTI - library ZENITH ACQUISITION - certegy and i am trying to determine which step i should take next in trying to get these off of my cr.
  10. congrats on the victory - no matter how small is great!!
  11. just received email this afternoon from Lisa Signore in response to my email to ceo requesting creditor info, ssn, address. I emailed her the requested info. will let you know the outcome as soon as i hear back
  12. Just curious, I am looking to start the process on a 1st time home mortgage. my husband (3 - 30 - days)and I(1 30 days) have a few late pays on our credit. does anyone know the process(once broker sends proof to credit bureaus) for a rapid removal how long it takes to be processed?
  13. Does anyone have email address or name of ceo for Merrick bank? Has anyone had any luck having late pays removed from merrick bank?
  14. Just an FYI - Newport new does do a one time courtesy removal of late pays.
  15. Yes, all of the accounts mentioned are currently in good status but still show under potentially negative on my cr and my mortgage officer has asked me to try to get the late pays removed. I sent a letter to hsbc but received a "no" must report accurate info. Do you think if i try another goodwill letter and explain circumstances and that i am trying to purchase a home(did not indicate this previously in 1st request) that me mentioning i am trying to purchase a home will help?
  16. I am trying to purchase a home and need to get a late pay removed from Merrick bank(sept, oct 07), Newport news(sept, oct 07), HSBCoct, nov 07). Has anyone had any luck getting any of these creditors to remove a late pay?
  17. Thanks for the responses. I will try a different credit card company. However, i find it funny that HSBC will keep increasing their credit limit( right now at $7000) but will not lower the rates.
  18. Here is the issue: my elder parents have an HSBC mastercard (over 8 years old) they have a high interest rate. i called to request lowering the rate and the rep i spoke with said "there are no current offers to lower the rate" we are unable to help. My parents have never been late once and their credit scores are in the low 600's. Has anyone ever been able to get interest rates lowered with HSBC, if so what process was used?
  19. Thanks to everyone for prompt responses. I'm sorry, yes, i did forget to mention one small factor is that they are cosigners.
  20. There has been a ca calling my parents who are elderly regarding a co cell phone bill. My parents are nervous and scared. I have previously advised my parents not to speak with any bill collectors for any reason but they still do. well to make a long story short, the bill is for a sibling and my parents initially agreed to pay in small pmts they could afford, the ca advised its all or nothing, if parents cant pay all then they will list as refusal to pay which scared parents. the ca then advise parents to charge pmt. parents said they have no charge card. ca then advised "yes you do you have abc acct and you make mo pmts of $1.00. Can ca relay info from cr to consumer in trying to collect? and since parents confirmed bill is there any other option other than to fight w/ ca?