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  1. Absolutely you are to demand that they not only send copies of any alleged late pays but update your credit report if there is an inaccuratecies. Be very firm with them in letter form and note they are to adhere to the fair credit reporting act set by the federal government. They should respond accordingly.
  2. Yes you do have to go to the tl to get a deletion! But I'm a little confused ? I am not sure if mean that they are saying he was late in 2006? That is not re-aging if its true.Meaning, even though it was closed if you still had a balance you were still obligated to pay and if you stopped paying simply because it was closed you were wrong!! Now if it was closed in 2003 with a zero balance then they cannot go back and claim you were late when in fact you were not!! You must contact immediatly and dispute with credit bureaus remember you cant sue until you dispute with credit bureaus.
  3. Yes Dispute the balance on all credit reports! Also call the customer service rep and and get a true accounting of your balance and ask that the update all credit reports they report to. This should do the trick!
  4. You are in dispute with a particular creditor. By federal law creditors who are in disputes with their customers they (the creditor) who is the subscriber by the way must report the dispute to credit bureaus!!!!!
  5. Dont do anything it should fall off between march and may. I was going to ask when was the first time your late but they wouldnt put it on your report until you were many months overdue!! Again do nothing!!
  6. Deliberately reporting inaccurate information is illegal under fcra!! You are going to threaten them you will sue them in small claims court if they dont report that you closed this account in 2001. But was that the first time you were 30 days late??? Thats were you count not when you closed.closely look at your older credit reports you should see when you first was 30 days late, that date can never change no matter how many times the oc sells it!!! The item drops off 7 years from first 30 days late!! If it has been more than 7 years then you are like i said going to have to sue!!! Your old credit reports are evidence!!!!!!!
  7. You are always suppose to deal with the oc first!!!!! Now contact the oc and demand and dont be nice!!! You tell them if they dont update your report your are going to sue the hell out of them! Also tell the collections company you are going to sue and you have proof so they had better update your reports immediatedly!!!!!!!!!
  8. Generally you pay off and simply stop using but dont close. Thats to make sure your available credit is far more than used credit i.e. debt!! But in this case if want your deposit back and they are going to you the same even better a higher limit than you had then close the secured card. But make sure you pay it off I mean bring the balance to zero first then cancel!!!
  9. It is all negative downright horrendous credit report!!!!!!!!!!! As they age your score will go up slowly but remember after two years!!! Then the score starts to creep up!! Dont worry about the paid collections thats done!! Concentrate on removing all others but dont offer pay for delete unless you are sure they do that by simply asking the customer service rep just ask the question without admitting you owe anything!! Got it!! If they do then follow there instructions on how to make on offer,usually it is in writing make sure to get the right address and department,and make sure you offer only pennies on the dollar such as 50 to 70% of the balance only!!!.. If they dont there's nothing you can do but wait for time to pass and try to dispute it and hope they (collections) wont respond and therefore the item drops off,thats the common strategy used. Another thing make sure your current on your current account if you have any and stay that way!!!!!!!
  10. First dispute the date of first deliquency with credit bureaus! Oh did i mention you should have never dealt with them in the first place!!!! Secondly contact the oc which you should always do even debt is sold because they usually are more willing to help you in terms of reporting the true status of the debt. The oc can make debt collector report the actual dofd and such! If they cant help you them on to small claims court! You said you have dealing with assest for 5 years this debt may be out of statue or close to it so dont pay a dime even they have reported the dofd as 11/07 never with a fraudulent collections or any collections for that matter other than telling them you are to sue them!! That's the rule always!!! Just concentrate on paying your other debts on time!!! Once the debt collector realizes you are not going to pay them they will move on and not respond to a dispute via credit bureaus and hence let the debt drop off but it will take a awhile but remember.
  11. You know it is valid so why seek validation?? You didnt mention if this is on your credit reports? You live in a different state now so I would not worry until they send you a court papers from a small claims court in the state you now reside!! So no more responding to them until it is a court summons which is unlikely!!!!!!!!!
  12. There is nothing wrong with this account move on it is perfectly positive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. If they said that they will remove all negative info from your cra's then they should but thank God you have that letter because they still may not which is common. So you are going to have to send a copy of that letter to all cra's!! First Premier owns Arrow in case you didnt know so they should have access to all documentation!! Dont panic this doesnt mean they are taking you to court but if they do they must indeed validate the debt so wait for them to send you validation. But dont panic this sounds like this debt is very old i dont what the statue of limitations are in your state but in most states its 3 to 6 years from the time you were first 30 days late. Now you said they can go back 5 years that means the staue is about to expire thats why there contact you hoping you dont know anything about statue of limitations. But if they take you to court it will be to late. So dont worry even if a court date is set you tell the judge that the debt is out of staue( your credit report is proof) and the case should dismissed and it will be!! But its unlikely it will come to that!
  14. If you have any credit cards make sure to lower balances so your are not near 50% usage on any of them!! Better if you werent past 29% usage on any card and/or loans. Thats the best way to raise fico scores fast!!!!!Lower your balances and keep them low!!!
  15. You must be careful. Because your dispute will be ruled frivolous and likely stamp verified! So each disputed item must be accurate and very specific. Not mine is not specific,use "balance incorrect" and etc. That will force the credit bureaus to contact the actual source and await a response as oppose to matching databases. Now for missing info and I'm presuming accounts not showing up you must contact the creditor directly and ask please place on my credit reports!
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