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  1. A shower can be done in less than 5 minutes. He may mess up the family's credit by not paying bills on time, but don't let him screw up the family's happiness by being a Neanderthal.
  2. Well, you only save that money if you were previously paying the $4/mo they charge to bill you monthly. If you have the card and set Geico to autopay your insurance bill each month by using the Platinum card to pay, they waive the $4/mo fee. You can also remove that fee by simply paying your insurance premium in full every six months, which is what I did. The Geico Platinum is also a rewards card, giving you 1% back to use toward paying your insurance. That's the big plus, if you don't already have a rewards card. Personally, I prefer to use the Amazon Chase which gives me 1% back toward pur
  3. I'd suggest you wait until you verify your direct deposit is there. It is rare, but it does occasionally happen that direct deposits don't get processed correctly. If that ever did happen, you'd be screwed if you didn't have the money to cover the charges. I verify my direct deposit is there, then I pay my bills. Oh, for the OP, I use MS Money and really like it. Very easy and detailed. Also, I don't use any special bill pay services. I pay from the website of the credit card or utility company I'm trying to pay. I get a confirmation number and MS Money keeps track of that for it. If so
  4. A cosigner just about doubles their chances to get their money. And if they don't get their money, they'll at least get to screw up two lives instead of just one.
  5. I guess the suggested philosophy of only applying for credit you need comes into play once again. Good luck.
  6. Yikes! $16K for a single semester? My entire college degree didn't cost that much. If you ever want to go back to school... University of Wyoming is less than $3K per year for tuition, for residents. Simply live there for a year and you are a resident. You can even go to school as a non-resident while working toward residency. That's one of the cheapest quality 4-yr schools I have ever found. Their Geophysics dept used to be rated in the top 5 of the country for Master's work.
  7. Huh? Did they send you a letter or a ladder? Would be cool if they sent you a ladder. I'd ask for one of those Little Giants.
  8. I'd bet ya $100 they'd have only called once had you answered the phone the first time.
  9. A gun or two and minimal training will offer you better home and personal protection than a vicious canine, and will be less expensive in the long run and will carry less liability with it. I've never had to feed my guns nor take them to the vet. Plus, if anyone armed were ever to break into your home, they'd probably shoot your dog. I'd like to see them shoot a gun out of your hand. As a Fed I have seen way too many victims of dog bites from vicious dogs. Heck, even last week a German Shepard police dog off duty ran across the street to attack a postman in Indiana, unprovoked. Good luck
  10. I pay full price but would like to be cancelled. I don't need the service now and regret that I have to call by phone to cancel the account. Damn Napster makes you do that too... 30 minutes of cell phone overages to cancel... grrr.
  11. You should check out the forums you are in right now and read a few posts. You're freaking out about nothing. Your tradeline will last for many years to come, probably longer than your memory of the account. Any score boost you get from the tradeline will also continue to last.
  12. I can help you with financial planning, and I won't charge you anything. Pay off that $120K ASAP. You can only write off from taxes up to $2500 interest paid in student loan debt. At 7%, that's roughly $35K balance. So, I'd be paying that off until you at least hit that $35K magic balance. Some people will tell you to just pay off those student loans monthly for 25 years, but is that really the quality of life you want? You want a loan to sit on your shoulders for almost half your remaining life? Personally, I like the idea of saving, but saving when debt exists just doesn't seem right.
  13. Someone invented the internet. You should check into it. You can access it from small towns, large towns, even outer space... oooooohhhh.
  14. ... and if they did send anything, you probably would have overlooked it anyway. It would have basically been one of those fine print agreements.