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  1. I know this is a good place to get info but I do not know and do not have a lot of confidence in dealing with this stuff on my own.
  2. Can someone here recommend me a good debt settlement? I have someone helped me to settle Discover for me a year ago. I would like to settle my other account but unfortunately he wasnt very responsive in occasions. Sometimes he will not answer my emails for a long time so I will get worry. I finally have a decent job that pays pretty well now and would like to definitely get back on track with the remaining three accounts I have (Sears - about 7000, Chase - 2000 and Citibank - 30000). Thanks!
  3. I don t know who own the debt but I just receive the letter from ARS to try to settle with me. How do I find out who own my account now? Who should I call with Sears/ Citi?
  4. I got the following letter from ARS reagrding settling my account. What should I do? If I settle what should I take notice of? Department /I 5996 P.O. Box 1259 Oaks, PA 19456 May 17, 200K ASSOCIATED RECOVERY SYSTEMS A DIVISION OF ARS NATIONAL SERVICES. INC. P.O BOX 469046 ESCONDIDO. CA 91046-9046 (KOO) 909-9095 FAX: (866) 422-{)765 www.PayARS.com 15010 • 1338 ACCOUNT IDENTIFICATION Rc: SEARS Purchased By: LVNV FUNDING LLC Account: 5121 07 I8Kxxxxxxx ARS Ace' 0: 1506xxxx Ba1ancc: $7457.74 TAX REBATE OFFER Take advantage of your tax rebate and pay off your debl once and for all! To resolve your delinquent account, please choose one of the following options: I. SETTLE YOUR ACCOUNT AT 50% OF THE ABOVE BALANCE IN ONE PAYMENT: Payment Due; 53728.87 due on or before 06-06-2008. 2. SETTLE YOUR ACCOUNT AT 55% OF THE ABOVE BALANCE IN TWO INSTALLMENTS: Paymcnt Onc: $2050.8K duc on or beforc 06-06-2008. Paymcnt Two; S2050.88 due on or beforc 07-06·2008. 3. SElTLE YOUR ACCOUNT AT 60% OF THE ABOVE BALANCE IN THREE INSTALLMENTS: Pa)1llCnt Ooc: $1491.55 due on or before 06-06-2008. Payment Two: S1491.55 duc on or before 07...Q6...2008. Pa)nlCrn Three: S149154 duc on or before Og..o5-2008. Upon receipt of cleared funds. Associated Recovcry Systems and our clienl will consider this account resolved with a zero balance. ContaCl your account rcpreSl,'ntalive at (800) 909-9095 for dcl3ils. Officc hours are Monday through Friday. 8:30 a.m. - 8:30 p.rn (Eastern Time). . Sincerely, JOHN O'BRIEN EXT 4270 Accounl Representative
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