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  1. What I kept overlooking was the fact that I have more home equity than debt. I called my mortgage co & they are going to accept one months payment. I have to fill out the financial disclosure & they are willing to make a repayment plan. I was not able to stick with the last one, so I am grateful to have another chance!! As I see it, as long as I can keep the house out of foreclosure, I have a better chance of continuing to tough it out. I am going to use the info from this web site in order to clean up my credit & seek debt settlements.
  2. I have been getting my financial info together in order to file Chap 13. I am 4 months behind on my mortgage, currently being garnished, behind on almost everything else & feel like giving up. I know that feelings lie, so I am not about to quit! My mortgage has been accelerated because I was not able to pay the double payments as previously agreed. As it stands, they have not started foreclosure proceedings. I received a letter from the mortgage co. today stating that I have several options. They want a full financial disclosure to see what, if any, arrangements can be made. I work all year, however, I make most of my income from March - June. My family experienced some unexpected financial losses this year, hence I was not able to catch up on bills. I would like to be able to tough this out & get caught up without filing BK. It has just been working out that instead of catching up, I am getting further behind. I talked with a credit counseling agency (CCCS of MD & DE) last month. They suggested that I should hurry up & file before things get worse. Because they use the past 6 months income in order to calculate income for the repayment plan, I need to wait until Dec or better yet Jan in order to file. I want to be honest with the mortgage co & am hoping that I can work this out with them. I am afraid that if they see my current pay stubs they may tell me that they can not work with me & speed up the process. ( In the past, they have said just this.) I would appreciate any advice or personal experience that may help me wade through the confusion. Thanks!!!
  3. Thank you!! This is all so overwhelming! I am going to do more research into finding a lawyer. Now that I have more info, I have a better chance of finding a lawyer to suit my needs.
  4. I have filed a Chap 7 w/o the use of a lawyer over 7 years ago. I see that there have been a lot of changes since then. I am under the State Median Income, however, my state (Maryland) does not allow for a homestead exemption. Therefore, I believe that I need to file a chap 13. Though I will not even begin to insult the legal profession by pretending that some do-it-yourself books can compare to the help of a trained professional, I don't see how to find the money to pay a lawyers fee. Also, I am still confused as to who actually is considered in determining household size while computing the state median. I have, and still do, lived with my fiance & his three children for 5 years. He has a small business which earns less than $3000 a year. I am basically the sole provider for all of us. Are we legally a family of 5? Thank you for your help & insight!!!