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  1. Hello all, I sent a dispute letter to an OC asking them for proof that an account was mine (yes, after disputing with the CRAs) and they replied with a letter which stated the following: "Your request has been researched and we have determined that the information in question is being reported correctly. Thus, the information will continue to be reported and will not be changed." Aren't they required to show me proof as opposed to sending me this BS letter?
  2. what's the difference between the two? is there any difference in wording i should use on each?
  3. I went to the courthouse and retrieved the documents on a judgement against me, and the file contained the following: 1. summons 2. certification of proof and non-military service - dated two months after default the certification of proof and non-military service was not included with the affidavit to enter judgement. also, there was no other documentation supporting the plantiff's claim for entry of judgement. i was also never served - the court sent the plaintiffs a post card stating they sent me the summons but i never got it; however in nj i think regular mail is an acceptable form of service... any thoughts??? also, the judgement only appears in my TU CR (not EX, dont know about EQ yet), which leads me to believe the judgement is not valid... should i dispute with TU?
  4. they all seem inaccurate to me.
  5. hey all, i've read that many of you have had success disputing neg. TLs with the CRAs over the phone... i have 13 negative TLs with EX... would disputing them all in one phone call increase my chances of a "frivolous" response? also, any other tips you may have before i call would be greatly appreciated...thanks you guys are the best!!!
  6. even if the TL is marked "pays as agreed" would this line have a negative impact on FICO?
  7. I just got my EX CR, am waiting on TU and EQ to arrive... should i begin disputing negative TLs now or should I wait for the other CRs to arrive and dispute them all simultaneously?