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  1. My bank is reporting to the CR "bank adjustment/deed in lieu/bank liquidation" for a property that is in the process of foreclosure, but being evaluated as a candidate for a deed in lieu of foreclosure. What does this mean on the CR? Is this the same as foreclosure?
  2. I have a tradeline with MBNA that was paid off for less than the full balance in 11/05. Since then, the tradeline reports every month (up until 10/06) that the account is 120 days past due in the history section. It also reports twas settled for less than full balance. What should the letter say from MBNA (now b of a) to get rid of the all of those 120 days late, even the several that occurred prior to the settlement date? reage? Please advise.
  3. Just found out today: Providian 20th of each month Cap 1 end of each month
  4. What is a GW letter for those of us who don't know already? Thanks! Also, where do you get a form of? dinliving
  5. I was hoping to send a letter disputing a listing with an original creditor. 2 Questions: 1) if you send the letter and they never respond, what steps can you now take to have the item deleted from the credit report?; 2) what is the best MBNA address to use to send such a letter? Please post any experiences with OC Dispute letters. Thank you. Dinliving
  6. I want to send a DV letter to MBNA, but my credit report lists a PO box in DE. Do you know of a physical address to the right department? Thanks!
  7. I sent a DV letter to Assetcare, which was collecting on NCO's behalf, and the NCO entry has been removed from all 3 CRA's. Is this for real or can I expect them to pop back up in a couple of months? Anyone know?