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  1. Haven't heard of this one before, but if I were your wife, next time I received a call like that I'd immediately ask who they were & then tell them she cannot receive phone calls at work & HANG UP! She should google them, get an address & send a DV telling them that all contact with her must be in writing.
  2. Typical Sherman run around. Do another letter telling them "Nice try, but that's not it!" & cc every single Sherman tentacle. You'll find them listed on the Resurgent letter or, better yet, just search for them on this board. Send everything certified mail return receipt requested. This will stop them from passing the acct around. How old is the debt?
  3. Make sure you cc every single one of LVNV's tentacles! If you look at the original documents that Resurgent sent you, you'll see different entities listed ie: Sherman Holding Company I, etc. This way they can't pass your acct around!
  4. I've heard there's a great one in Dover/Ledgewood area who's NACA! Look it up on NACA's website.
  5. Don't be afraid to use legal aid or any legal clinic provided by a university or college. A lot of times these organizations will help you prepare and/or advise you on legal matters.
  6. Does Brachfeld have a licencse to collect in MD? Check that out first! Brachfeld is a well-known bottom feeder - I'd suggest googling her as well as searching on this board. If she's not licensed to collect in MD, I'd write (DO NOT CALL UNLESS YOU RECORD!) CMRR & tell them you will not pay them until you see all the paperwork relevant to your "case". Brachfeld is under investigation in California (her home state) for some really shady "business" practices & she has no license to collect in TX. I'd bet the farm that she has no license to collect in MD, either. They really like to prey on people who are afraid of law firms & suits & go after those who they believe will roll over fairly quickly. DO NOT BE ONE OF THEM!!! When you say the court closed the case, what exactly do you mean? Was it dismissed with (or without) prejudice?
  7. Creditors Interchange is known for falsifying documents. Look the statements over carefully & check all of the dates to make sure they are within the time frame you had the account. Also check to make sure that payments & charges are correct. And I would also DV Zwicker asap - this is a usual scare tactic for CI - they're part of the Sherman group & we all know the sewer they come from! Search these boards for both CI & Zwicker as well as DVing!
  8. They screwed up royally - I WOULD NOT TELL THE CA UNTIL COURT!!!!
  9. This is a standard letter from Resurgent (been through it with them TWICE!) I'd DV them anyway just to start the paper trail.
  10. Send it to Resurgent & cc LVNV. Make sure you send BOTH CMRRR!
  11. I'm confused - was the first letter from LVNV or from Resurgent? If it was from Resurgent, write them a second DV telling them that in way does that info tie your wife to that account & that anyone could print that up on a good wordprocessing program. Make sure you cc LVNV.
  12. CAs will throw anything out there (in past due fees, interest, etc) & what sticks (meaning they can always find someone who will pay whatever the CA wants), sticks. No, they don't have to give you an accounting of how they arrived at that balance - at least not until (& if) you get to court. If this is the second CA trying to collect, my bet is that they don't have anything that legally proves the debt is definately yours or they (or the previous CA) would have tried to pursue it in the courts. I'd keep writing them, just to show them you're an informed consumer & won't roll over easy with their tactics. By the way, I don't have any of my original agreements either. Most of the credit cards I used to use were applied for in the late '80s when I was young & single. Through subsequent moves & marraige & kids, they've gotten lost in the shuffle. When I've approached the banks that I did have cards with to get a copy of the original agreement, they tell me that they don't have copies either because they're purged on a cyclical basis!
  13. DV LVNV directly as well as every single one of their subsideraries, all CMRRR. It will stop them from passing it around among their CAs. Also, file a complaint with the Atty General of SC. Other posters on this board have said that there have been enough complaints from people that they're looking into them.
  14. I'd like to add that they'll probably bump it to another one of Sherman/LVNV's "law" firms, like Brachfeld. Whenever I DV one of Sherman's tentacles, I always cc all of their arms. Then, when they farm it out to one of their other "collectors", I include copies of every single DV I've sent to them. I pity the poor mail clerk who has to read through everything! And don't be surprised if somewhere along the line they send you something that looks like "validation" (an old bill, etc). Usually it's something they word processed. They tried that on DH & they totally screwed up the date on the "bill" - like it was yesterday's date & not at all within the time frame of the supposed debt. I mean, if you're going to fake a bill, at least reflect the correct date!