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  1. Well - they could always do what they did to my report about 7 months ago: DELETED 16 "Good" TL's..........??? Such morons - trying to get them back on is futile.
  2. My bad..... I understood you to say that you had IIB TL's that were deleted from your credit file, only to reappear later on. Again, my understanding is that when a TL is removed from your file, you have to be notified within 5 days if the information is reported again? I had used that technique in the past. I managed to get several TL's deleted, just to have them reappear after some 4 months. I wrote back citing the reinsertion criteria (notification within 5 days), and they deleted them again. It's been a little over a year and they have not reappeared? Thanks - hope you had a great weekend!
  3. Good Evening: Did you receive "proper" notice of the re-insertions of the IIB's?
  4. All true LNY....... Using the advanced search module, and typing things like BK, Bankruptcy, Letters, Sample Letters, etc., bring up a LOT of information - agreed!!! Put another way, I truly believe the information is out there on this forum. Given the amount of time I have spent reading responses from other members, a fact is certain - some of you are very gifted and have agrued your positions in court (or otherwise) with a degree of professionalism that is very impressive. That's what I'm looking for. Again, anything that might get me point in the right direction....... Links Forum threads Topics Search techniques Processes used and so forth..... That would most certainly make the effort more meaningful, wouldn't it? As stated earlier, I'm not looking for a "hand-out", and certainly do not want to pass my problems off on somebody else - I just want to get started in the proper direction, so that I can maximize my efforts as well. You summed it up well: We go through this every time someone joins the board. And the majority of the time the people who argue at first find themselves, shortly down the line, telling other members to search, and explaining that they too used to think they were being unfairly scolded, but now they get it. I am new to the board, and frankly, have more questions than answers at this point about where to go and find "all of this information". I am a teacher, and totally understand the "feed them a fish and they eat for a day, teach them to fish and they eat for a lifetime" philosophy. My personal story from being a high-school drop out, then rising to mid/upper level management in a Fortune 500 company has been told many, many times. I would like someday to share my experiences with other members here in an effort to motivate them to never give up, and instill in them the attitude "You Can't Lead From the Rear". We all have a story LNY, never lose sight of that! Thanks again... P.S. New York F**kin' City.....isn't that a little north of Gosnell, Arkansas?
  5. Gosh, thanks! Seriously, I realize that a lot of information resides here (as well as other places) and I can continue to investigate accordingly. I find it a little strange that over the last couple of weeks, new members join with their stories of financial nighmare, and many of you respond with a great deal of support. That is one of the things that appealed to me and prompted me to get active (verses just lurking and reading). I had a very horrible set of circumstances to deal with in 2001 & 2002 that led to my financial downfall. Through a lot of hard work, and self-teaching, I have been able to raise my FICO's from the high 400's to the 680's in the last 2.5 years. As mentioned earlier, this site would have made things a little easier and less costly, had I known about it then. Many of you "Senior Members" have provided critical useful information to "other" members willingly, and I just thought I might throw some of the things out there so I could get some different perspectives on beating this thing. Be that as it may, I have only 4 accounts left associated with my BK, and the BK entry itself. Some of these will be "deleted" as well going forward using the techniques that made it possible thus far. Sorry to have been a bother - I remember the administrator talking about how an open forum was healthy to it's members, I guess I figured it applied to me as well? In any event, if the members have anything useful/successful regarding this matter, I would certainly appreciate the "heads-up". I'm not asking you to do the work for me, but - I have already paid my dues and some since 2004......just not with this forum. Thank you in advance for your assistance! Respectfully Submitted, Ron
  6. Good Morning: Question..... What would be a good way to remove a Ch7 discharged BK from 2002, from my credit file? (it is scheduled to remain until 10/2012) Would going through the CR review process from LexisNexis/Banko (assuming that is where the CRA's are getting the information from) be a good place to start? I have requested the information from the District Court Public Records, and to date have heard nothing.....no response? Just curious if you guys/gals have had any successful experience with this - thanks!
  7. Thanks! All good information here - it was just a thought.
  8. Good Morning All: Want to throw this out there and get your opinions. After you have reviewed your CR, disputed TL's with CRA's, disputed TL's with OC's, requested MOV from CRA's, etc., etc.,......next step, LEGAL ACTION: How would it impact your CR if you added a Consumer Dispute to your TL's that went something like this: "This entry is inaccurate per FCRA (title, section, etc.) and should not be reported on my Credit Report. Please disregard and rescore/consider my information accordingly." Would a potential creditor have a problem with this? Your thoughts - thanks! :
  9. Good Afternoon All: I'm new to the board ( visited for about 6 months though) and have some basic questions that I would appreciate your assistance with. I filed Ch7 on 7/2002 and was discharged on 10/2002 (lot's of medical bills and extended unemployment). Obviously, the old credit file took a major dump - the upper 400's, I believe. After about 1-2 years, I started reading up on this stuff, and set out to get my creditworthiness back again - what a pain....... Countless hours, letters, CMRRR, complaints to FTC & AG's, etc., etc., etc.. Currently, my composite score is a 671 from the "Big 3", so I guess the work paid off? However, here is my "current" standing, and I would like to finish this thing up - once and for all!!! Bk ch7 EQ,EX,TU GEMB/Home Depot EQ,EX,TU GEMB/JC Penney EQ,EX,TU GEMB/WalMart EQ,EX,TU GMAC EQ Bank of America (late) EQ,EX US Dept of Ed (late) EQ,EX Several inquiries over 1 year old. I have pulled CR's several times over the years, challenged the negative TL's and got the majority of them deleted - same with inquiries. After a 3 month rest, I have requested my CR's again, and will review them when they arrive at the first of the month. I plan on disputing the TL's that did not bother to send any "legal" documentation obligating me for the debts (BofA & GMAC did validate). After the results of the investigations are complete, I plan on DV'ing the remaining TL's again, along with the inquiries. Do any of you out there have any "really cool" letters available that you would be able to share so that I could make this last pass with them. As I said, I have written many, however, several of you are very knowlegable and I've seen some of your examples - I'm very impressed!!! Sorry to be so long - Thanks in advance for your time. To the rest of you getting started, keep up the hard work and do your DD - it will get better - Good Luck!
  10. Hey Gang: Went to the Cap 1 account and did not see where my statement had been impacted (yet?). However....as I reviewed the "Message Alert", I found this: Important Account Messages Beginning October 1st, 2006, based on your account activity you may be assessed more than two late, overlimit, or returned check fees that occur during any billing period. S1DETACH PLEASE It just never stops, does it?
  11. I'd be curious on this one as well. Ch7 discharged 10/2002 and re-affirmed mortgage with BofA. We sold the home a little over a year ago, and BofA is reporting several lates from the 2001 & 2002 timeframe. I wrote the CEO (et al) and explained the situation - to no avail!! In any event, I would like to keep the TL and get the late's updated as "Current - Paid as Agreed".......any thoughts? :idea:
  12. Great Place! Sorry - first time to post, although been reading for some time now. Started about 2 years ago with scores in the mid-500's, today in the 680's. Man the time and money required to learn this stuff the hard way? Wish I would have found this site a little sooner. BTW - I still have some negatives to go. I would like to share them with this board and develop a strategy - these might be a little complicated - mtf.