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  1. I have not visited here in quite a while, but I am SOOO grateful for all the information and knowledge I have gained. I should change my name to ConfusedNoMore! 5 yrs ago my credit sucked big time. It has taken this long to get it all squeaky clean. 3 yrs ago we bought a house, huge accomplishment. 1 yr before that bought a car at low interest. Then a car for son 2 yrs ago. I have managed to secure a credit card with $10,000 limit, have used it wisely the last year and have only paid $9 in interest! I have also gotten 3 unsecured signature loans from my credit union in the past 3 yrs for home improvements, all with low rates. Just yesterday got Menard's Big Card with a BIG $5000 limit. That one will only be used when they have the 12 months no interest deal. I'm thinking of hitting up Home Depot too. The way I manage the credit card is this: I subtract what I put on the card from available cash in my checkbook. I write it in red, then add it all up and pay it off at the end of the month. Makes one think before spending. So once again, a big thanks to all who have helped me here. I am once again a happy person, not afraid to answer the phone or open the mail. Not afraid to ask for credit, I sleep well at night. I am here to testify that it can be done! Determination and hard work are the keys, when you begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel you are even more motivated. The feelings of despair will ease!
  2. Thanks Denita. Since it's the only credit card I intend to have I'll leave it alone. I could go get more with lower limits, but since this one is so high it's probably not necessary. And yes, I do intend to use it wisely and pay it off every month without fail!
  3. I just applied for and got a CC thru my credit union. I was totally flabbergasted when I got it!! $12,000 limit for Pete's sake and 12.99%, no fees. I have no other CC except JCP. I am thinking that high limit is not good, I will never keep 30% on it. I only applied for it to see if I could get it! Would it be wise to ask them to decrease the limit? I have not posted here much lately, but want to say how much I appreciate the things I learned here while re-building my credit. I couldn't have done it without you guys (and gals)! It took me 3-plus years to do it, but now have 2 cars and decent mortgage, both with low interest. And no de-rogs on my CR's anymore! Worked lots of overtime to get it accomplished. This site saved my financial future.
  4. I have not been here in quite a while, things have been going very well and I give a huge amount of credit for that to these forums!! As for CLI, I just applied for a CC thru my credit union. Lo and behold I got it with a $12,000 limit from the git-go. No annual fee, interest 12.99. Credit score 694 Equifax. My question is, is a high limit like this bad if I plan to only rarely use the card? No way would I ever carry 30% on it! Can I ask them to reduce that limit? The only other CC I have is JCP with a 3000 limit. I don't carry 30% on that one either.
  5. Here's link to the form you need to file, it's at the bottom of the page: http://www.irs.gov/newsroom/article/0,,id=154293,00.html
  6. Sparky, check this out, it may be what you are looking for: http://www.expertlaw.com/forums/showthread.php?t=27029 Consult a lawyer or call the state law library in Des Moines.
  7. I received one of these also, from Portfolio. As far as I can tell, it's very old and one that they were never able to validate, I have the paperwork! So do I claim it on my taxes? I think not, perhaps a trip to my lawyer is in order.
  8. Here's something that might help you: http://www.bcsalliance.com/debt1_iowa.html
  9. Some lenders don't know much about FHA loans because they don't do many. I had some old derogs they never questioned, plus a collection. The collection was the only thing that showed up on the final CR that was sent to the underwriter. I went thru a credit union. Shop around, get a second opinion.
  10. With or without insurance? Hospitals, or any medical for that matter, can only charge you your co-pay if you have insurance. They have to accept what insurance pays and cannot charge you the difference. Without insurance, they charge the full amount to you, which is probably higher than they would get from insurance. Rip-off? Yes. Legal? Yes. State laws may vary.
  11. You say you are in the process of buying a home, have you applied for loan? What does the lender say about it? Sometimes things that old don't even show on the CR's they pull up. I know, this happened to us. Sometimes they will choose to ignore things that old, provided you haven't had any problems since then. FHA is very forgiving and will approve loans with scores as low as 580 (average of all 3).
  12. There ya go! Just invented yourself a new business! Undercut that other guy and still be a millionaire!
  13. I think it's called Life Lock, where the guy comes on TV and gives his SSN and promises to protect you from identity theft for $10 a month. In reading the fine print, it says they put a fraud alert on your credit reports. Can't one do that anyway? Or am I missing something?
  14. I started getting serious about planning about 4 yrs ago. I began putting $100 a month in Deferred Comp. With every raise I got, I added to that amount. I am up to $250 a month now, plus the employer puts in $75. About 2 yrs ago I got serious about the credit situation. It took that long to clean things up. 2 months ago we were able to purchase a home with a very good rate. My goal is to maintain and increase my credit score. It's a tough row to hoe, but we all become stronger individuals as a result. Mom always said "All things happen for a reason." She was right. Thanks Mom.
  15. Mortgage companies must think the average person is totally stupid. After getting our mortgage, we received an incredible (according to them) offer to have payments bi-weekly, which means you make 1 extra payment per year, thereby trimming 7 yrs or so off the mortgage. For this awesome deal, they will only charge around $400 to make the switch. We had already figured out ahead of time that we are going to make $xx extra on the payment per month to get that extra payment in every year. It works out basically the same, and we are not paying them $400 to do what we can do ourselves! My point is, if you think you want bi-weekly, set it up that way in the beginning so they can't suck you into it later and take more of your money. We chose to add to the monthly payment for the main simple reason that we can determine what we can afford extra each month.
  16. Well that really sucks. They didn't tell you this before you got to closing? We had our lawyer look over everything prior to closing, just to make sure it was all on the up and up. We purchased from a private seller, so needed to have a lawyer anyway. How are they going to help you "fix" this in a couple years? No doubt there will be cost involved.
  17. It pays to shop around, we were offered subprime. Then we as we learned more and more, went elsewhere and asked for FHA. Not all lenders offer FHA. We go what we asked for at 5.875% fixed rate.
  18. The previous owners of our house paid for an appraisal prior to advertising (they sold privately). The credit union was OK with using that appraisal for our loan. The only thing was it had to be an FHA appraisal, but the appraiser was FHA certified. We had no additional charges and saved $300! We were quite pleased. The appraiser had to do some additional things to bring it up to FHA, but still, no extra charge.
  19. Thru a credit union, at the advice of the home seller. They were selling privately and the home was already mortgaged thru the same credit union, but not an FHA loan originally. If you have an FHA loan, it is assumable when you sell your home, the buyer does have to qualify however. It was after reading, reading, and reading this site that I opted to go for the FHA and the credit union agreed. I just cannot express how empowered I have become over the last year or so, all from the help of you great people on this forum.
  20. Between the 3 reporting agencies, my scores ranged from 590 to 685. It was this site that gave me the motivation to try for FHA. I tried for conventional elsewhere and man, they wanted almost 8%. They do look at your credit score, but more importantly they look at what is on the report. I still can't believe it's true, I'm still in awe.
  21. I just want to thank everyone for their input on this site. I have learned so much over the last year and have been able to get my credit score in a decent range. I will be closing on my new home next week with an interest rate of 5.875! When I applied it was 6.25. I am profoundly grateful for you all.
  22. I was in the process of communicating with the OC originally because I saw their tradeline. In the midst of the communications, they sold it to Asset, before I even had a chance to negotiate with them. It's like I contacted them, they answered my letter, then sold it like a hot potato. They stated that yes, it was mine and what it was for. I was more than willing once I found out what the heck it was, to settle it. Of course once it got to Asset, the amount doubled. Asset has the date of last activity incorrect, (to my advantage) so according to that, the SOL is up. I'm thinking to just leave it alone for a while. No, I am not trying to wiggle out of this, neither am I willing to pay A$$et double the original amount.
  23. I have been battling with A$$et Acceptance, finally sent them a C&D. Went personally to the OC, at first they were willing to help clear this account. The friendly man at the OC called A$$et (without my prior knowledge) and they told him to have me call them since they now owned the account, they would be glad to help me. Is this a collection effort since I had sent A$$et a C&D several weeks prior to the call, and therefore a violation?
  24. I refinanced mine at 5 months, original rate 9%. New rate 6.1%, and I make payments every 2 weeks plus $25 extra every 2 weeks. Plan to slash 6-8 months off the life of the loan this way. The refinanced amount is only $9 more than the old payment and 48 mo. instead of 60.
  25. Thank you for the info. Hopefully in about 2 wks I should have the results of this last dispute.
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