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  1. Thanks for you reply. The LO said we would pay them at closing. I was just hoping someone has luck with getting PFD or settling for less. They are due to fall off Credit Report June 2007 and they are showing balances doubled what was owed. Gamecockfan
  2. My wife and I have been approved for an FHA loan and we have to pay off 3 old collections day of closing. Anyone ever gotten a PFD or settlement for less than what is showing on credit report with Arrow Financial, CBSC, and Professional Credit Services?? We have a closing date of December 1. Would like to hear experiences with any of these collectors. Thanks Gamecockfan
  3. Just wanted to give an update. My mid credit score is now 621. We have been approved for an FHA loan. We have a closing date of December 1. We have to pay 3 old collections at closing, Anyone had any luck with getting PFD with Arrow Financial, CBCS or Professional Credit Services? Thanks again. Gamecockfan
  4. Sorry, I am a little confused by your response Charles. My question was is it possible to get a better rate than 12.35% with a 588 midscore? Are there lenders who do 80/20 loans with midscore less than 600? Gamecockfan42
  5. Hi Charles, Do you have any suggestions to offer? Thanks, Gamecockfan42
  6. I am not sure if this is acceptable in the forum, but can anyone provide information on where we may be approved for 80/20 mortgage with 588 midscore? Please accept my apologies if this isn's permitted on the forum. Gamecockfan42
  7. Thanks for your replies. We would like to get in a home before the end of year. My wife will be finishing school and plans to work out of our home and right now we dont have the extra room. The loan that we are preapproved for is 100% fixed, the company doesnt offer 80/20 loans to midscores less than 620. There are no prepayment penalties with this loan. I will check out the link you provided for SC State Housing. I did dispute the 2 utility bills and they came back verified. Thanks again for all information and suggestions. gamecockfan42
  8. Hi, This is my first post here, but a long time lurker:) My wife and I have recieved a mortgage pre-approval for 1 loan at 100% and the rate is 12.35!!! Is that the best we can do with midscore 588? I have 2 old utillity collections on my report and few medical bill collections. Have recently obtained couple credit cards (was told I needed some revolving credit). Is there someone out there that can do better with this interest rate. We havent found a home yet. We want a interest rate that we can live with before looking. Please help!!!!!! Gamecockfan42