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  1. Hey all, I had to cancel the BK appt. I was out of work 4 days week before last with a horrid back spasm-damn fibro! My job was very upset with me so mom and I discussed it and decided it best not to miss work. I plan to reschedule but I need to give work time to chill. Now Im that much more in the hole. It seems like the harder I try the worse things get. This is really starting to get to me. dizzienc
  2. they were so quick to offer a settlement that it shocked me and I jumped at it without thinking. My badxhitwallx dizzienc
  3. I do not bank with Wachovia and none of my accounts are in SOL, I just got behind starting this past June do to surgery. So you think I should still make a seperate bank account? In NC they cannot take monies without your concent, can they? dizzienc:confused:
  4. I will first list all debts which I haven't posted yet. OC OWE MIN % AMEX 7117.00 755. 29.9 DISC 1727.02 44. ? WACH 9765.00 855. 24.88 WAMU 7141.64 727.68 20.23 The creditors are finally calling me now after they see their not getting any info from mom. Just what I wanted AMEX manager called me today, she said the only option I have is for Mom to transfer the balance owed to another card with lower intrest. I have Discover caught up. Wachovia called me an offered a settlement!!! WOW. They offered payoff at $3500. OR omit all late fees and bring intrest down to 1%, payments at 171. I don't have the $3500 at this time....so he said I could take the other option then in several months if I want to settle he might could even get a lower settlement amount. I think I may have made a mistake here though, I gave a post dated check of $90 to confirm I would have an answer by the end of the month. Was that the wrong thing to do? I will be sending the CA for AMEX (GC Services) a cease & desist contact letter via CMRR. I have had it with that @#$% women who calls my mom and thinks she can scream at her! We are dealing with the mgr at the OC now. Ok guys, what ya think...am I making progress? Trying soooo hard, dizzienc
  5. When they ( mom & now husband) began dating, they actually did just that...went places....dinner, dancing and plenty of vacations. After about a year he asked her to marry him she said yes, then no more was said about it. Well mom called it quits after 2 more years and moved away to Vegas with my sister. Wasn't long he was out there after her. They married in Vegas came back to NC...his house. The only thing they do together is go out to eat on Thursday nights. But yet he is gone all day sitting at a garage with other men folk comes home to a hot meal on the table everyday at 5 sharp eats watches a little TV then goes to the VFW. Mom spends 90% of her time alone. She even sleeps in a different room!!!! She has her own bedroom with ALL her personal belongings in it. And photos of us kids all over. She will complain sometimes, but then if you try to get her outa the house she comes up with some excuse why not to go. I make it a point if I don't see her everyday I definatly call her. I was so busy yesterday trying to get this debt organized it was 11pm and I realized I had not spoke to her all day.......so I called her....she stays up late...lol. I love my mother dearly,,, and I am sick everyday for the mess I have caused. dizzienc
  6. Thanks to all who replied. I will get started on the letter suggested of a payment plan right away. I will let ya know what happens. Thanks dizzienc
  7. Lady, I would like to apologize for my comment in previous post. Now that you explained why he is the way he is I totally understand and will not think of him as a 'stingy man" ever again. Thanks dizzienc
  8. Please read my original post first: http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=259441 My mother doesn't want to press charges against me...is she the only one who would be able to do so? I am desperatly trying to get my finances straight to pay on this debt. I can pay a little on each one at the moment but it would only be enough to piss them off and we don't want that. But me paying something should make my point to them that I am not ignoring what I have done. Should my mother tell the OC and CA that we have made and appt with a BK lawyer or should she just say a counsler or something? They really give her a hard time on the phone so she usually just hangs up on them. I really think the CA has crossed the line in several of the calls, even when I spoke with them they refused to give their address to me or mom. dizzienc
  9. thanks Southerngirl, Yes I can put some money towards these debts, but definaltly not what would make them happy. In a few months I should be able to make them happy though. I did not know of such a letter. Where do I find it? No, Mom cannot help me on this other than trying to keep them from having me thrown in jail. Im sure Discover is one to file a lawsuit. My balance on that card is $1700. I just recieved a friendly reminder in the mail that the $78 payment was late but yet they called mom and were nasty with her and said something has to be done about this and your daughter and there will be a meeting and then my mom hung up on them. What do you think they meant by that?
  10. To all who do not know my situation you can go here to read my initial post. http://www.debt-consolidation-credit-repair-service.com/forums/showthread.php?t=259441 NC is 3 yrs on CC debt. Does that begin from the time the account was opened or the time from which last payment was recieved? Can you send a DV to a OC and also CA? Do you have to send a dispute letter to the credit bureau for the whole process to work? http://www.creditinfocenter.com/rebu...workflow.shtml What is the best way for my mother to handle the calls from the OC's and the CA's each day when they call and question her about me using her account? She has already told them time and time again that we are working towards a solution and that she refuses to press charges against me. They reply back to her very loud and rude and say something has to be done about this and actions will be taken....she tells them "Ok, do what you have to do then".... Should she tell them about our appt with a BK lawyer? Can the OC or CA press charges against me or just my mother? Thanks in advance, dizzienc
  11. My situation is this: I began using my mothers credit 8 years ago when I had to leave my husband. I know what I done is wrong but I have to say I did an excellent job of building her credit over that time. Never any late payments. All minimum payments were right at $100 or less. My nightmare began in June of this year when I had to be out of work for a month for surgery. I couldn't make any payments and when I did they were random to each card. Now the minimum expected is up in the hundreds for 2 of the cards. I believe I can handle the Discover card and keep it from going to collections. One is now in collections..AMEX. And they bare A--holes!!!! My mother(73 and retired on SS) said whatever needed to be done, for me to fugure it out and she would go with it. She will not press charges against me. I have made an appt for us to speak with a BK lawyer this Nov 21. He offers 2 free consultations. When my mother has spoken with the creditors on the phone she has told them it was my debt but that she wasn't going to press charges.....will this be a problem in BK court?? Do they actually use those recorded conversations against you?? Should my mother send in a DV letter? (to give us time to figure this out) Why would BK involve her husband?(78 and retired on SS) Everything I have read about CC's it falls only on the person whoes name is on the account. If we have to verify his income in BK that will be a prob.....they have been married 13yrs and mom has never known his bank account. He gets his statesments reads them and then rips them up and throws them in the trash. And when mom asks he will not tell her.VERY STINGY MAN. dizzienc
  12. 'What OCs used to do in this case (if both parties were willing) was to create a new account for the party in the wrong and transfer the balance to that party." I wish they would do that. Then it would all be on me like it should be.
  13. Only her name is on all the cards and I signed her name when I made the transfers. I told her about it the first time I done it and she agreed for me to go ahead with it...so when I got another 0% offer in her name I would just do the same thing again. dizzienc
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