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  1. I recently sent out disputes to all three bureau's and they all came back as verified. When I sent subsequenet letters asking the method that they used to verify, they actually contacted Beneficial and Beneficial sent me by mail, all payment records dating back 4 years ago??? What should I do next??
  2. I paid the chargeoff in full amount back in 2004 (to NCO). They said it's old to be considered under Oasis program. But, they also said I'm welcome to apply for a new Amex card but I don't know if that's a good idea.
  3. I just called the number and they said it's the wrong department and didn't know where to forward the phone number??? Okay, called different number. They said Amex Oasis program isn't offered to accounts that have been paid off more than 3 months ago in the past.
  4. I have Amex chargeoff which I fully paid on 2/2004 to NCO. After I disputed to CR, the record got dropped off on Experian but TU and EQ remained. I am scared to dispute again because it may cause Amex to look into it closely and realize that Exp got deleted. What should I do?
  5. Does having a secured credit card with $500 limit lowers one's FICO? How would they know if it's a secured card? My truecredit report doesn't state that it is secured... It was indeed B of A US Airways card with $99 deposit.
  6. From my own experience, Amex wouldn't talk to me once the collection was sold to NCO, period. Also, once I paid the full amount NCO collection tradeline dropped off. Amex is being reported as paid in full- chargeoff.
  7. I've tried contact Amex about Oasis but each time I call they kept giving me diffrent numbers to call. Okay, is there anyone that has gotten Oasis card recently? Those old numbers don't work anymore...
  8. So, if HELOC hurts, what about in this case? I have HELOC line of $50K with zero balance. Would it lower the score? If so, would it be better to close the HELOC?
  9. So, you are saying high loan amount % on HELOC will lower your score? I don't believe it's true.
  10. I don't believe 2nd Home Equity Line of credit will be considered like CC. They are mortgage accounts, Am I wrong here?
  11. Can anyone whom received the Oasis/Optimum letter put the number on here? I've received it last year but lost the mail. I did pay the charge off in full and shows as Charge off-Paid-in-full on my credit report. Thanks and it's my first post here!!!