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  1. Wow! Similar situtation here. Recevied notice for an Alltel phone in Feb. Since I never had an Alltel phone, I advised as such and requested validation (timely). In response to my second DV request (4months after 1st DV) I received the following: "We have received your dispute but we are unable to investigate at this time. You have provided insufficient information to substantiate your claim. We will complete our investigation within 30 days of receivpt of the following information: The specific information you dispute; An explanation of the basis of your dispute; All supporting documentation to substantiate your claim. Examples may include but is not limited to, photocopy of your driver's license, the identification page of your passport, proof of residency at time of service, recipts etc.; A valid phone number to contact you." Are they on crack??
  2. I apologize if this is the wrong category.... What authority do I complain to when a FDIC insured bank is not applying payments correctly (supposed to be additional principal payments), is imposing unknown fees for unknown reasons and fails to respond to a request for explanation? PS-This is for an auto loan that is NOT past due and has no prepayment penalty. Thanks, in advance.
  3. The only debt we are aware of was already paid-and was not ours to begin with. We are absolutely going to pursue the fee for the violations.
  4. The debt involved an accident and was paid by the liable party as soon as we contacted them in response to the first collection notice we received. We contacted the CA, explained the situtation and notified it has been satisfied. We also verified our mailing address and included a C&D telephone contact. They continued to call & within weeks contacted 3rd parties for our location information. We demanded to know everyone they contacted. After the CA ignored our multiple requests we filed complaint. They now claim they were contacting us for new collection activity, we still don't know who or what new activity.
  5. Sent AMEX C&D multiple times, especially after one of their CA's scared my child after stating "he was coming after me." Unfortunately that was over a year ago, before I found this forum. They contacted family members, neighbors-despite having a validated mailing address...which just irks the poop out of me. The CA's stopped for a while, had a new one call for a short time, and this week AMEX has started again. We are in Ohio, which I believe has a 6 or 7 year SOL.
  6. Thanks NASCAR! How did you find this considering my information was inaccurate? From what I have found so far, "A collector may contact a creditor on newly assigned debts without violating FDCPA even though he knows the debtor is represented by counsel on prior debts. Udell v Kansas Counselors, Inc., 313 F Supp 2d 1135 (D Kan 2004)." It seems as though this gives CA another free pass! I wish I could find more on this.....Is this a ligit argument in response to continued telephone contact after a C&D for accounts claimed to be received after the date of the C&D?
  7. My negotiation experience with Amex was horrible. After a long term hospitalization of both my child and myself, I initiated a repayment plan with them the day of my discharge (my credit was perfect and I was so upset that I was 3-months behind on everything). The deal was biweekly payments until I was caught up and they would not cancel my card (this was my business credit card). Not only did I pay faithfully, but I paid more than the agreed amount. Could have knocked me down with a feather when I received notice that my card was cancelled. When I contacted them, they stated they were exercising their rights and did not care about our agreement. At that time, I had, I think a $1500 balance and choose to exercise "my right" to place them on the bottom of my repay priority list. Was I stupid? is now 3years later and I owe them nearly $4K and have constant phone calls alternating from Amex to various CA.
  8. I recently wrote a complaint letter to the AG regarding a CA who has violated multiple laws. I provided supporting documentation for every complaint I had. The AG forwarded the letter to the BBB....I am so frustrated. The BBB referred us to a non-binding arbitrator. If we choose this option, we will be responsible for 50% of the fee. Yippee! It just warms my heart to know that ONCE AGAIN, I have been tinkled on!
  9. I am looking for case law info for Udele vs Kan Counselors. I have searched this site, links and googled and still can't find anything. Would greatly appreciate any assistance anyone has to offer. Thanks, in advance.
  10. Hi Guys~ In Nov 06 I sent a C&D and validation letter in response to a medical debt sustained in an accident that we were not liable for. At the same time, I contacted the party that was liable and the debt was promptly paid and I was provided with a receipt. The CA is an attorney in this state (OH) sent most of the validation information, but the debt was resolved so I filed it. Come to find out, some 2-months later the CA began to contact family & others stating asking we contact their office. In turn, I requested the names of all the 3rd parties they contacted so that I could "undo" the harm they caused. They responded in writing stating they were making contact on a new debt, not the one I did a C&D letter on. Um, excuse me???? Several weeks have now passed and I have still not received any information regarding the 3rd parties they have contacted. I know this is a violation. I also know that contacting the 3rd parties when they had valid contact information for me was a violation. SO, where do I go from here? Do I write a letter and demand fines, and if so, any help with the letter would be so appreciated; or, do I file complaints with all powers that be; or, do I obtain a lawyer and sue. As always, thank you in advance for your thoughts and opinions.
  11. Oh yeah, also want to add that I received a CA letter yesterday. Since I am working directly with Target, how do I handle the CA? Thanks again.
  12. My original (rejected) settlement letter was sent to Mr. Scully. Would anyone happen to have have a sample re-age letter? Would it make sense to include a check or money order with the re-age request?
  13. I took a chance with Target and offered them a 50% lump sum settlement for a delete from CR or PAA rating. They accepted the settlement, but will report it as a "charged off account paid through settlement with 0 balance". Would my credit rating be best severed by using the money I intended for a settelment to become current and then continue to make timely payments or does it not matter at this point? Thanx in advance.
  14. Just thought I'd report that we had success with the OC who was unable to verify the debt reported on my husband's CR as a Joint (with me) and we have received a letter (from OC) that it will be removed. CA did stop calling... ...then I recevied a letter from an attorney for the same account (in my name). Do I send the CA a DV or go back to the OC again?
  15. I am urgently looking for contact info for GE Money Bank/Lowe's Consumer in Roswell GA. Specifically a name, fax and/or email. Can anyone help me? Thanks so much and Happy New Year to all!!