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  1. I also would never use those credit counseling agencies. I had a friend who used one and they took her money and never sent any to the creditors! I am not sure what your complete financial situation is, but maybe you should consult a bankruptcy attorney if your situation seems dire. There is no fee for a consultation. Even if you were paying very little amounts, you would be paying on these accounts for years to come!
  2. Since you have your credit report, did you look at the section to see whether there was a "charge off" showing a zero balance from the original creditor? When you received the letter from the original lawyer, didn't it indicate who they were representing? I suggest looking closely at your credit report to see who is stating you have a remaining balance.
  3. In the case of the suit being dismissed "with prejudice" means that they can't come after you again. In the other case, they will dismiss it without prejudice and the debt is sold to someone else who will attempt to collect.
  4. Was it dismissed "with prejudice" so they can't sell the debt and someone comes after you in the future?
  5. Since you are on SSDI, they cannot touch your income. You also have no assets for them to get to as well. Filing BK would not be necessary as again they can't touch your income. If you are getting phone calls from them, you can send a "cease and desist" letter stating all communications must be made by mail. Paying minimum payments just prolongs the agony.
  6. I agree with Goldbug! They are traps as they are telling you you are pre-approved, but this ONLY means to apply! Once you are declined, this inquiry sits on your credit report for two years thus bringing down your credit score. I would avoid these like the plague!
  7. If the debt was validated, it appears you will have to contact your original insurance company with your old job to find out why they didn't pay the debt! If a bill was sent to your insurance company, they should have a record as to what the disposition was. I had an experience where an emergency ambulance was called for me by a policeman when I blacked out on the street. My insurance company initially did not want to pay the bill as they didn't deem it an emergency. I won with an appeal as I was not the one who called!
  8. Any time you are dealing with the CRA's, always send all communication by certified mail. When you asked for verification, you need to ask the how, when, where, etc. of the verification. There is a sample letter on this forum for just that purpose. Always keep a journal of who you talked to and when. I find that doing this system when dealing with the CRA's is most effective.
  9. I hope with the new Federal government oversite of the credit bureaus starting in September, that these kind of practices will stop.
  10. Does this apply only to the State of Florida? In regards to the property, I thought I read somewhere where the property had to be your primary residence. Is this not true?
  11. I agree with Denita! Chase does this and so does CitiMortgage. As stated, keep a record of every call, every person, dates, times, etc. Keeping a paper trail on them as well as sending all requested paperwork certified mail, will keep them responsible.
  12. I always get my free annual credit reports! One of them, I can't recall which one, always makes it so that you fail the questions they ask to prevent identity theft this way you have to request it by mail, giving them more time. I find it interesting that they are requiring your acceptance of arbitration now that the Federal government is set to oversee the credit bureaus starting the end of September. Could it be that they are already aware that they have been purposely criminal in regards to consumers' credit reporting?
  13. Usually when you get a "boatload" of letters from attorneys wanting to assist you, you are being sued! You indicated that you have not answered letters but it's possible that one of those letters was stating they were going to sue you.
  14. It is my understanding that Chase fired a boatload of their inhouse lawyers so it appears that everything is on hold for the moment! They are well as the other big banks were "spanked" for rebosigning.
  15. It's not unusual that they report erroneously on two lines. This practice is very common with them. I would dispute it with TU. If they verify it, I would send them a letter requesting how it is verified as it is out of SOL.
  16. Texas is one of the states where the statue of limitations is revived or extended "ONLY" by a written new promise to pay; sending payment does not revive or extend statue of limitations.
  17. I completely agree with dealing with them by email. I dealt with them strictly by email and each settlement offer was reviewed by more experienced posters until we found one which satisfied my needs! I will always request a "paper trail".
  18. Have you looked over your Cap1 contract for arbitration possibilities?
  19. Is it possible that your husband and his father have the same name with one being Jr. and the other Sr.? Is it also possible that the father cosigned on the loan?
  20. I would definitely consult a bankruptcy attorney! There is no fee for the consultation.
  21. There is a Sample letter #9 on this forum site which is more detailed than yours. I would use the one from the forum.
  22. Is the roommate release agreement through the apartment complex or one you generated? The apartment complex is not obligated to accept this agreement unless it was signed by them as well. It may be that you will have to sue your roommates, get your money, pay the debt and ask how to get this negative removed from your credit report.
  23. Was the roommate release form from the apartment complex or a form you generated? If the debt is still owned by the OC, they have the power to make their collection agency do what they are requesting. If the debt was sold, then you have to deal with the collection agency. You can request the CRA's to verify the information. If they can't, it will disappear. If the JDB owns this account and refuses to remove it, it may be necessary for you to take your roommates to court. You can get your money from them to pay it and I would ask about getting it removed from my credit report. All of the secondary information is premature if your roommate release was not per your apartment complex! The apartment complex is not liable for an agreement they did not institute.
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