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  1. If this is Fico scores you are monitoring & these were your only negatives it is possible you got moved into a new score card segment by Fico. Good point to remember is to shoot for a clean report and not stress too much over scores in my opinion.
  2. The absolute best way my wife & I built up our credit files was dealing with a small local lender. We would take out small loans and pay them off as soon as they report a history to the bureaus(about 90 days). We would save the money loaned to us in a lock box. After about one year of doing this we were pretty much waist deep in creditors wanting to do business with us.
  3. People can think however they wish,but seriously when inquiries is your only negative item I do my best to get rid of them. I do know any I use this method on don't show up on a Score power report,Fico report,or third party monitoring through Credit Secure.
  4. Just wanted to update this procedure to say that Equifax still lets you dispute inquiries online with a report number. I disputed two tied to my credit union and they removed the older one.That leaves me with just one on Equifax so I am pleased.
  5. No increases so far as I am max for income with a majority of my lenders.If I can keep what I have I will be very happy.
  6. Still going strong with only one cld from Juniper that I closed. Thankful for my earlier credit whoring so that cld will not hurt my utilization. I am leaning on developing more credit union relationships since they seem to be doing well in this crisis mode.:lol:
  7. Juniper Carnival Seamiles .Slashed from 15K to $2850. :shock:Closed by irate consumer immediately. Everyone else still likes me.
  8. To be honest I still have a chase product but Providian aka Wamu has no place in my home.:ROFLMAO2:
  9. xSteaminxxSteaminx My evil company seems to be Wamu aka Providian. I closed & paid their card in full after Providian seemed to have as desire to rate jack me. Sorry dudes heres your payment & shredded card.I have caught them pulling ar's on a closed account twice so far & just seem to be too lazy to slam them for invading my privacy.
  10. For the apartment it would be a written contract lease as most are.Look over contract and see if there are any legal options to break lease.If there are no options you may be stuck with owing a legal debt there.Just make sure there records prove the debt as well as all charges they claim.
  11. cajunbulldog

    800 Club

    Congrats I was there briefly until I started a addiction to applying for cards.I am now concentrating on no new apps to let everything age.
  12. Yep you can't be reported 30 days late if you were not that late.I think you will be stuck with the back interest & fees since most contracts have the default condition in there where you miss payment & all the fees come out of the wood work.
  13. :evil:I agree with Robert on this mess. I have had to fight a dang hospital twice in the last five years for incorrect coding or address issues leading to collections. Luckily by the time I had a full head of steam & contacted the collectors,they were more than happy to delete for payment in full just to get my ornery butt off the phone.:ROFLMAO2:
  14. The ding for inquiries depends on what scorecard you are on regarding segmentation levels of Fico. I would say no more than three per bureau.
  15. LB,considering you are in the bankruptcy club,you are doing great& deserve the fruits of your efforts.
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