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  1. :mrgreen:Thanks for all the comments everyone. Amex is my mistress and the others in my collection are slowly catching up to her.This board is correct in saying it requires extreme will power to have that much credit and not be tempted to use it. I use it strictly for utilization purposes.Good luck everyone in your credit travels.
  2. American Express Blue/Clear combination for $65000 limit. May 2007 Experian Fico 795.
  3. Both those accounts do not show any negative info that I can see and I will chime in and say why are you disputing positive accounts?
  4. Lovebug personally I would stick with the Bankruptcy law violations as they seem to have far more teeth than Fdcpa.Just my two cents!
  5. Well I thought everyone knew to have Credit Secure requires a active American Express card thru American Express to enroll.
  6. I use Credit Secure thru Amex and love it.Their server is a lot faster than TC and the reports are detailed enough for me. It costs $11.99 per month and I get b on both Transunion & Equifax using it.
  7. I really dislike Cap one so out of your list I would go for Orchard and Target.
  8. My two usually report balance at end of billing cycle,but the update to the bureau is almost always one month behind my other cards.
  9. I have the poor man's lawsuit book and the good credit one. Very informative and puts good info right at your finger tips.
  10. Fizzle most Amex accounts take up to 60 days for first report and remain 30 days behind others in updates. Enroll in their online access and there will be little need to call them as all relevant info needed is under account services on your sign in page. Congrats and good luck!
  11. Good job on resolving this craziness. The first app I did,they wanted everything but my firstborn child. I ignored them and last month applied again and was given a instant approval online. Don't ask why cause I have no idea since my address was the same on both apps!
  12. lovebug, I am not up on BK like Lady in Red,but I would draft a motion and send a copy of it to the corporate counsel for these yahoos.Tell them to immediately cease and desist or prepare for a court hearing!!
  13. :lol:Discover is rough to get in.I applied with a 797 score and got 10 day message. I had to call in and verify all sorts of darn things.Jumped thru a lot of hoops for 6K.
  14. :mrgreen:Just dropped one of my Juniper gone nuts Transunion inqs today.Two more to go and I am back to zero!
  15. Currently a 700 club member and will shoot for 800 club if I can sit on my hands to resist applying for any more cards.
  16. I have no reason to brag to someone I do not even know. I am simply stating available credit is not debt.The more available you have,the lower your utilization will be if something came up and you needed to access your credit lines.
  17. :shock:How in the heck does available credit equal debt? I am in the 100K revolving club and have less than $500.00 balance total.
  18. I think the attitude of having kids along is bull! Op please consider finding a small home town bank or credit union.Develop a good personal relationship with the managers. When I need money I call my manager and sign the papers when I have time.This is a very nice perk to small banking.
  19. It is not advisable to close positive account and scores could take a hit. If you want to close an account I would do it by phone unless it was Cap1.In there case they would get a certified return receipt letter closing the account.
  20. :shock:The 700 club is under attack! Everyone run to the nearest bank and swipe all their credit cards.:lol:
  21. Both my Amex Blue & Clear report limits.Perhaps you have a charge card from them without a reported limit.
  22. Congrats fellow 700 club member.We have struck again and that is a nice limit.I only squeezed 6K out of them on a Citi Professional,but I will be calling them to kick that up as most of my cards are 10K or better.
  23. Please review my AA post in the other CIC topic. I went from four instant approvals to one card.
  24. Just wanted to update my experience with Juny post AA. Intial: Carnival 15K Travelocity 15K Emigrant 15K National Park 3.5K After AA Carnival 15K,all others closed.It was first card applied for.Good luck.
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