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  1. Greetings Everyone, This my first day - first post. "Weird things..." seemed as good a place to start as any, and "weird" aptly describes the '89' point discrepancy I just learned exists between my Experian score and my Transunion score. [EX has me at 632 and TU at 543]. Though I printed a free copy of all big-three reports, Equifax, unlike the other two, wants to charge me $7.95 for their score. So at present I'm looking at just the aforementioned 632 and 543. Consequently, I haven't the vaguest idea what figure Equifax will pull out of their hat. I know the topic of such discrepancies is most likely covered in another thread(s); just using that "weirdness" to break the ice so to speak. I've done a lot of surfing, but have to say I'm drawn to this site more than any other like site. For one thing, a lot of you guys really make me laugh. And frankly, the whole subject of credit is for me one more prone to evoke being on the verge of tears rather than laughter. For another, I can see a lot of you guys are really smart and know your stuff. In me you will find an eager student. I have a million questions, but will search the threads first for answers rather than spout them out of context here. Some of them, some of my questions that is, I think I already (subliminally?) know the answer to; just don't want to admit it 'cause I know it isn't good. (If that makes any sense.) My late husband, one of the funniest and kindest souls you'd ever want to meet, used to say, "There's no problem we can't ignore if we put our minds to it." I'm nothing if not a master of avoidance. Yet, at least I now have copies of my reports which is a mini step in the right direction. "Thanks for listening." If you guys don't hear from me again it's because I entirely gave up, turned my back on the whole bloody business, bought a cabin tent off ebay and trekked off to become a latter day Jeremiah Johnson. You don't need a home loan to buy a cabin tent do ya?