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  1. So I've been gathering my documents preparing to file and WHAM... got my cell phone bill today. 150 overage, upon a closer look, 350 minutes were used to call W&A to fix this situation (not including after Jan 31st). Actual damages, here I come. I figure this gives me a little support too. BTW, the inquiry has still not been removed even though he sent me the letters stating it would be. I have not had time to file yet as the last 2 weeks ive been working 60 + hours due to a project deadline. I am going to try and file first thing monday.
  2. Nascar: I presumed that violations were administered by the states. Thanks for the clarification! Nikro: I forgot about the exemption for out of state agencies. Thanks!
  3. If a CA is not licensed in your state and try to collect, are they liable for any statutory damages if any applicable state codes require collection agency licensing? And if so, can these damages be awarded to the debtor?
  4. 1st, start a new thread for a personal question.. 2nd,
  5. Got the reply via email today.. and that was it... I replyed: Thank you for your reply, regards. Bah.. Looks like I am filing tomorrow. Votes: Small claims, Federal, Civil? And basis. I'm thinking small claims as I dont think they would even show for a measly 4k suit. 4k is based on max statutory and tennessee treble damages for unfair practices. Bottom line, they requested for removal of the inq. when I asked, however it does not address the damages of my missed work talking to them on the phone for 10 hours. literally or just the damages of pulling without a pp. Need some expert advice pl
  6. Not necessarily.. Suit is still in progress. This was just the MSJ of the defendant, which was denied.
  7. Here is the latest case law: Miller v. UCS; W&A
  8. They cannot do anything unless they get a judgment.. Have you been served? How do you know you have been sued? Check with the clerks office to verify. If you have been served, does it require you answer? If so, in your answer deny the allegations stating insurance covered the expenses and provide documentation of that..
  9. Here is an already established resource for that information, searchable by creditor, cra it pulled, score needed and state
  10. click search, type: LVNV click ok. From there you can find a wealth of info regarding these scumbags. You can probably find case law too regarding past suits against them. There is so much in these forums, it is sometimes just hidden.
  11. Yep.. I have a condo right downtown in nashville on 2nd ave, its the big party street, needless to say, theres a hooters 1 block away.
  12. Thanks for all the pump ups! Not letting go of this big one.
  13. Great... I see both of your points well. Any ideas on how to address this? I have his direct email address. Should I send an email stating