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  1. Would one take your statement to mean that after the child is 18 it should fall off the report....whether you are behind in your obligations or not?
  2. So some time ago (7 months) during an application spree, I recieved a Direct Rewards (had applied for Discover) from HSBC with a $750.00 limit. Didn't really need it so once the TL hit I sock drawed it. Well this month my CRA's are reporting that the account was closed at consumer request...(closed/paid). I call HSBC to ask what's up and was informed they closed it due to inactivity.....if you don't charge anything there is no reason to have our card.....I almost fell out laughing. Till this month..... I bank with 5th Third and had applied for a MC thrrough them....well low and behold I am approved for a card called 53 Optima (which is administered by HSBC) with a $500 limit and an annul fee of $19.00. With other cards having limits each of over 8 times that amount...again I sock drawed that card. Get a letter a few weeks later informing me that I have not activated the card and telling me all the great benifits of using their card. Yesterday....I actually got a statement from them on that card with a minmum payment of $15.00..(appears they activated the card and charged me the annual $19.00 fee. I am floored so get ahold of HSBC to some idiot supervisor who tells me "When you apply for our card, you are aware that if approved we will open a card in your name". After telling him I did not call to activate the card...I was told that is just a formality to activate your charging privlages....WTF After informaing him at no time did I accept their CL, or terms of service and he had about 20 seconds to cancell the card (oh, and I was informed also that as I never called to cancell the card, that is why I got a statement) he did and very bregrudgingly asked me to "Have a nice day" Geez...what are these CC companies stooping to....
  3. Barclay's does give CLI's.....on there terms only. I applied at the same time and recieved both the Carnival and USAir cards with CL of $1750 each. Made some charges on both and payed regularly each month leaving a balance on both. Six months to the day, the CL on both was raised $1000.00 so their limits are now $2750.00 after 6 months. So what do I do, apply for another Juniper card and get the famous "You have sufficient credit with Juniper" response....
  4. Congrats Muse....I used my target Visa for the first time the other day at pool supply....clerk took the card then handed it back and said "You can only use this at Target"......I asked him if he noticed the little Visa logo at the bottom....Oh...he said and ran the card.... Anyway....congrats
  5. Same here...$200 then $500 then converted to Target Visa CL $3000...all in a span of 7 months...I did not ask for increases.
  6. Target Visa Arrived Today....Whoo Hooo. xdancexxdancexxdancexxdancex
  7. Ok...Still have not recieved the actual Target Visa....however my credit limit and credit available is now being stated as $3000.00 (I paid the $96.00 outstanding balance I had) so I guess it is official. I am quite sure they are not going to give a $3000 CL and leave it on the redcard...
  8. After 15 years......Next time you get one sit down, have a glass of wine and lit a cuban cigar withy the letter...relax, there is nothing they can do to you for a 15 year old debt in Florida. Although the debt never goes away...they can not take you to court, nor can they report it to the CRA's.
  9. I am not sure why the OP was so upset......and stating that Macy's has bad customer service. Credit rebuilding should be just that..."Rebuilding". Were you late with the payment....even one day late is still late? Macy's looks at it like you have 30 days from your last due date to your it was not about the one day late...but rather you didn't make the payment in 30 days....and you get upset with them????? Sorry if this seems short....but at some point we need to take responsibility for ourselves and our actions.....I like Macy's. I started with a $400.00 CL with them on 2/11/07. I make all my payments on or before the due date (never even look at the grace period). I asked for a CLI last month and was raised to $1000.00....just for making the payments on time. And know what...their customer service is actually outstanding
  10. Well it's official.....I went online to pay my bill and sure enough in the credit limit line it now states $3000......The available balance still reflects what my red card was but I am sure that will change once the visa card arrives (according to their letter should be some time this week) And to think....last year they denied me twice
  11. My story.... Got my red card in March of this year ($200) Little charges here and ther..paying but never really PIF. In increase to $500. Then this month I get the same letter as Muse....telling me I have till Sept 28 to opt out or they are going to transfer balances from red card to Target Visa with a CL of $3000...says I should recieve the card 7-10 days after the opt out period. So yes it does happen...and Muse, I am with you....hope they don't find they made a mistake.
  12. Actually there is some disagreement about the reporting clock starting over if you pay on a chargeoff...full or partial: The Amason FTC letter answers the question..... 2. Is the reporting period extended if (A) the original creditor sells or transfers the account to another creditor, ( the consumer responds to post-chargeoff collection efforts by making a payment on the debt, or © the consumer disputes the account with a CRA? Does it matter whether the 7-year period has expired when any of these events occurs? No. In enacting the new provisions discussed above, Congress intended to establish a date certain -- 180 days after the start of the delinquency that led to the chargeoff -- to begin the obsolescence period. It did so to correct the often lengthy extension of the period that resulted from later events under the original FCRA. Enclosed are two staff opinion letters (Kosmerl, 06/04/99; Johnson, 08/31/98) that discuss the impact of these provisions, and the legislative history relating to their enactment, in more detail. Because the commencement of the seven year period is now described with some precision by the statute, it is our opinion that none of the subsequent events you listed -- sale of the charged off account by the creditor, or a payment on or dispute about the account by the consumer -- changes the allowable period for a CRA to report a chargeoff.
  13. NO NO...You can't have the silver...take the CZ instead
  14. Yea seems like Target is speading it around....congratulations secret agent...
  15. WHOO HOOO..... So I call Capital One again today...each time getting forwarded to NCO. Mind you the recorder is going throughout the entire 65 min process...I am repeatedly told by reps that "Yes I am Capital One"....."Once the file reaches us, you can no longer deal with OC" among other statements that just did not make sense. I even asked..."Well what if I send a check straight to Cap1".....well they will accept it but you will not get a relaese or PIF letter. I was also emphatically told by a senior rep that the sol of reporting starts all over again once a payment (partial or paid in full) is made. So from the day you make payment it will show on your credit report for another 7 years...geez...I could go on (can you say violation).... Anyway...I take the recording to my bank (after awhile every employee there was listening)....Afterwards...the VP and Loan Officer were dumbfounded..."What a Circus" was one what happened then you ask???? They refied my loan on the spot......Crap1 Auto rate was new rate is...ready for this....7.69%...payoff check is already on the way to Crap1....... Question to you guru's.....for my own knowledge, is PIF anybetter on your CR that % settlement....score wise. And does settling (% or PIF) restart the reporting clock? NCO rep states it is from date of last payment or activity.....I was under the impression it is date of first delinquency? Anyway....thanks for the great advice on here....the only reason I could refi after a year is due to the advice followed from this and another guys are great....