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  1. Hi Everyone! I've been pulling almost daily from TC to watch my FAKOs and get *b*. I'm curious if anyone else has a lot of blanks or "white boxes" in the EQ line instead of the green "OK" boxes? EQ does show lates but never OK. My EQ score on TC is my lowest, even after accounting for the differences between the big 3. Today I'm: TU 712, EX 668, EQ 640. The only collection account I haven't gotten deleted is on EX, so that's not why EQ is lower. Anyone else have something similar going on?
  2. I was able to pull this morning, but my experian information was blank.
  3. Hi all! Up until about 2 weeks ago, my TC scores were: 727; 670; 625. Now my Exp. score is 638 and my "too many late payments" warning has reappeared in the explanation section. But I haven't had a late payment in over a year! In fact this happened at about the same time as the late pay was a year old. Did I change score cards? Why did only affect my Exp score? Thanks in advance...
  4. Woo-hoo!!! My EX is stuck at 619 even though my TU has broken 700. What's EX's deal? Anyway congrats!!
  5. Well it looks like the net impact will be positive, looking forward. I anticipate a short term drop in scores though... BOA pulled EX when I first applied, then they pulled TU today. The EX pull has already hit my score but I might not be in the TU 700 club anymore. We'll see. They haven't pulled EQ yet. In any event, my DTI will be better which is good for the mortgage refinance hunt. -Shannon
  6. Now that you mention it, I'm not really sure whether it will be revolving or installment. I was quoted a monthly payment for a fixed amount of months. But it's called a "line of credit." I can re-use my line of credit as I pay it off, but then BOA would recalculate my payment term and payment. (I DON'T plan on doing this, however.) So I guess I have to wait until it hits my CR to see which kind of account it is.
  7. Hi Y'all... I'm Shannon from Texas. I've lurked on this wonderful forum for several months. I've gotten a baddie or two deleted, bought an insanely overpriced home (location, location, location!!!) and brought my FAKOs from straddling the upper 500s to the lower 600s to TU 707; EX 639; EQ 619. Good *b* on the TU. Yay. All baddies of consequence are correct lates and getting older (youngest is 11 months), so I'm happy with that. I don't want those TLs deleted because other than the old-ish lates they are positive TLs. TC says high balances on CCs are my main credit issue. I don't have the lecture about lates anymore when I check my scores. Yay again. I got the Christmas present of a LIFETIME tonight... BOA (joining forces with Sallie Mae) approved me for a 32k personal loan to consolidate my credit cards at a decent interest rate (much lower than my most expensive card). They paid off two of the cards for me and are depositing the remainder in my checking account. I can pay off all but $500 of my balances with this money. I care about how any of this affects my FICO score because I want to refinance the insanely overpriced house soon. Love the house, hate the mortgage. (PMI sucks donkey butt!!!) So do I pay all but a little on each card? Or is utilization even going to affect my score if I still have a couple lates in the 24 month window? Also, any predictions on what a large installment loan will do to my scores? Thanks to everyone for this forum and thanks in advance for my question. -Shannon