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  1. I don't know the complete picture- but usually medical bills can be negotiated or reduced due to income...My husband and I have done this in the past when he had lost his job. We have also made payment arrangements on medical bills in the past as well- as long as had an agreement and paid on time every month, they agreed not to send us to collections. Have you discussed this with them? There was one time where we were making payments (like $25 a month) on a bill- although we never negotiated this with them, We just sent that amount in each month when they billed us. Finally we got a letter stating they would send us to collections- so we called and set something up (should have done that officially from the beginning). Hopefully, commissions will starting rolling in faster!
  2. Curiously- is there any recourse you can pursue by yourself to avoid hefty lawyer fees? Does anyone have any additional info on that- maybe filing your own complaint? Sometimes an attorney will charge for a short consult to advise on your paperwork, etc - they don't actually file anything or go to court with you so you save a lot of money... I have no idea the best course of action- just thinking out loud...
  3. I don't know what they will learn if they pull my credit report? I still have no property nor have I applied for anything? I'll have to pay it one way or another if I ever want to buy a house, and I do have savings, so I'm not worried about wage garnishment- I would just pay it.
  4. Actually, it says "Certificate of Judgment Lein"... So, I am going to confer with an attorney, but it seems as though I will probably have to deal with it. If we apply for a loan, and have to pay it off before closing, we are pretty much stuck paying full balance as in we will have no negotiating power...BUT, if I contact them first, can they negotiate the amount? Even if it is a judgment? How can I be sure they remove it/update court records after paying?
  5. Thank you for clarifying, Shellie- it makes sense now! I really think more people should stand up to these JDB!! Cause them some headaches, as they have been doing to consumers all along!
  6. I have never ever had any response, to a PFD letter I sent. I did however, negotiate one over the phone, had them fax me something in writing, and paid it off. It was a medical collection of $185- I believe the collector was FFCC
  7. I think I will definitely get in touch with a consumer atty and figure this one out, seems we might have a couple ways out of this one. I certainly don't want this holding up a home loan when we have come so far- I appreciate all the input!
  8. Our BK lawyer closed shop and went AWOL... I took him everything we had on our debts and he listed them all, if it wasn't listed, it was because it wasn't on our credit reports or we had no documentation re: the debt. Anyways, it was our fault either way, for missing it, and for allowing it to happen in the first place. The question is, what to do about it now...
  9. Yeah, I thought about that too- however, we both really started in our current job positions about 3 years ago- the debt would have been 8 years old then. I wonder if they tried in the beginning and gave up? I know if I ever received anything from them it would have been from 2002-2005, and I honestly don't recall anything from Asset Acceptance. And, I received nothing for sure after 2005...
  10. I may or may not have been served- it was a very bad time for us, as we were both out of work and had three young children, one a baby. Priority was just trying to feed them and keep us in our apartment- I remember being extremely depressed and stressed out for years, ignoring collection calls/letters- there wasn't anything I could do. Anyway, that was 10 years ago, things have turned around for us finally, and we have each have a steady job in our respective careers, making over $100,000/yr combined. From a family that at one time was almost homeless and getting food from a food bank, I feel pretty good about that. Ohio also has some of the worst statutes out of all the states...Very unfortunate for Ohioans. We do have savings, so perhaps I can satisfy the judgment and hopefully that will be okay with the VA. I am hoping so, since the judgment is 11 years old...
  11. No loan started yet- was hoping to in a few months or so. Have not even applied, so no inquiries yet either. We finally got our scores close to where we need to be, just trying to remove some leftover bad stuff that I know we will need to take care of. Husband's is in good shape- mine still needs tweaking. I make more money than him, so I really want to be able to put myself on the loan also. Did a public record search to find out details of our BK in 2005- unfortunately we filed under bad advice, and that attorney is no longer in business. I do have an attorney that has helped me with a couple other things, I think I will reach out and see if they will help me negotiate this off somehow. As a side note, it is from Asset Acceptance- who from what I've read, are one of the top slimeballs and have been sued themselves many times.
  12. Certainly not good news for us then.... Thank you for taking the time to reply!
  13. Congrats on beating them!! I do have a question, and I apologize if I missed it somewhere- but how did you get them to drop it so easily? Seems like you just told them you weren't paying it and they just said "ok" and dropped it? Did they not have sufficient evidence? I hate Midland, and have to deal with them myself (though they are not suing me- perhaps because the debt is below $1000? but they are on my CR)
  14. What is the best way to handle an unpaid Judgment from 2002- if we are working towards a VA home loan? This was never on my credit report, and just found it from a public records search. It is for $9000 from an old discover card. We filed BK in 2005, and this obviously got missed? I have read conflicting info- some statutes read that even though a judgment is recorded for 21 years, it is only collectible for 5 years in the state of Ohio. Not sure about that? I pulled this from Statute of Limitations page : Judgements: 5 years, renewable indefinitely so long as it isn't dormant for more than 21 years. Any advice is greatly appreciated!!
  15. I have a couple collection accounts on my credit reports in which I have never heard from them- what's the best tactic there after disputing with the credit reporting agency? If they don't have to respond to the DV, what do they have to do to prove the can collect the debt?