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  1. Hello, I am almost ready to purchase my own home soon....2010!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am now in the process of saving for my down payment. I ran my Fico Scores from Myfico and my score are Transunion: 741 Equifax: 762 Experian ? I recently started working for the Federal Government in 2008 and my job is secure. Previously I worked for City of New York For ten years. I have never had a gap in employment. I resigned for City of NY on Friday and Started with Federal Government on the Monday. Question I was injured in the Military and receive a disability benefit in the amount of $541 a month(
  2. Hello, I just wanted to say "THANK YOU" to everyone who answered my questions and helped me clean my credit up. When I first came to this board Nov 07, my credit was TERRIBLE, my credit score was 508, I had no credit cards and my interest rate on my car was 21%. I was overwhelmed with how I could fix my credit in order to purchase a home in the future. I was so scared I ask Lexington Law Firm to assist me, they were useless. I came on this board and was encouraged that I could clean my credit report myself. I dis enrolled from Lexington Law firm and this board became my second job. I read a
  3. The job with the Govt is more pay and I can document it with my taxes, if that is all that is required to prove job change. I was led to believe that it is known fact that Govt employment is a secure. I would still have to wait an additional year? I am a disabled Veteran and I receive disability compensation around $ 6,100 a year. Could I use this as income as well? This is my goal and I am doing everything to make it happen for me. It is hard I must admit. I have been going to Hawaii every year and I promised myself my trip in July was my last trip for a while. I have to constantly remind
  4. Thank you it was not easy by no means at all. I literally worked on it every day for almost a year straight. Thank God my employer was not watching over my shoulder. When I first started my credit score was 508, everything was in collections, had one judgement, and I didnt even have a credit card. I went to the Credit repair section and that became my second home. I followed all the advice and experiences of others. I promised myself I would never ever live like that again. I may be a tad under 700 now due to applying for a Citibank Credit Card two weeks ago. My goal was to purchase a con
  5. Hello, I have cleaned my credit up and I am in the 700's and my only debt is $200 credit card bill. I would love to purchase a condo, I don't know should I wait or can I start looking now? I recently made a career change from working for the City of NY to Working for the Federal Govt. There was no gap in employment, resigned from City on a Friday and started Fed Govt on monday. Sept 2009 will be 1yr at my new job, will I have to wait until Sept 2010? Gov't jobs are secure places of employment. Since I am a Veteran, I would like to utilize the loans being offered by the VA. Thanks in advanc
  6. Hello, I do not have the SSN# the OC has the correct SSN#, The Correct Address and the Correct Info. The CA has the correct info as well, when I questioned the CA regarding this account I was asked what is my address, and it was different than what they had. They asked me what was my middle initial, and it was different than what they had. They asked me my SSN#, they said they were going to question it with the OC. I called the OC and they mentioned I had Car Insurance with them in 1999 and canceled the Insurance after 20 days. They said perhaps you should speak to our Collection Dept. I stat
  7. Hello, I finally had cleaned my credit report and was in the 700's and then an OC from ,put a collection on my credit report. Someone with my name opened Car Insurance with the same First name and last name as mine and different middle initial. Different SSN# and different middle initial. I contact the OC and told them the account was fraudulent, they stated I owed them for car insurance that I canceled and switched within 30 days. They said if the account is not mine, fax them my SSN#, Driver's License and proof of my address. They mentioned I canceled my insurance in 1999 and owed them mone
  8. Hello, The AG does work very well, I used the AG of NY on CRA as well as Collection agency and they were able to resolve both issues. I recently noticed two new collections on my account after cleaning my credit report up to having my scores in the 700's. I immediately filed complaints against both AG in the State of NY as well as the State of PA, where the collection agency is located.
  9. I have yet to experience a CLD, I think that I am safe from the ax. I only have a balance on my NFCU account, balance is $240 dollars. I only use my Amex Blue and my balance is never more than $70 dollars and PIF every month. Macy's and my balance never exceeds $100 dollars and PIF every month. I have now resorted to my past, and my only card was my check card. I pay 99% with check card.
  10. Hello, RJM Acquisitions have been calling my mother's house daily leaving messages for me. They finally sent me a letter claiming that I owe a magazine $25 dollars! I sent them a DV cmrr on Monday, today I receive the card back with a signature but no date as to when it was received. Since I have no date, should I send another letter. I have finally managed to clean my credit report up and not they are harassing me regarding a magazine that I never ordered. I explained that I have been a victim of ID fraud, that I have an extended fraud alert as well as a complaint with FTC id fraud. Shoul
  11. Hello, I finally managed to clean my credit report, then today I received a collection notice from RJM Acquisitions LLC. They have called my mother and left messages for me on her answering machine. I dont recall having an account from this agency as well as they have my name spelled incorrectly. They are offering me a settlement for $20.53 and original balance is $25.67. Question:If I write asking for validation for this account, beside the name will they then become hostile with me. I had someone open accounts in my name and as a result have a 7yr fraud alert placed on my account. Would
  12. Hello, I have the Amex Blue and the Delta Skymiles, when I have questions regarding Amex I check on this site and then on Myfico for questions regarding Amex. You will find tons of questions regarding Amex Cards.
  13. Sj145, You are very welcome!!!!!!!!!! My credit was terrible this time last year, I had nothing positive on my credit report. I purchased my fico score from TU in Nov 2007 and my score was 504. I was intimidated at the idea of trying to clean my credit report by myself. I purchased the services of Lexington Law firm to do the work for me, which nothing was done. I stayed on this board daily, at work and then again when I came home. My report was full of collections and charge-offs and judgements and late payments. I read and then re-read then started my disputes process with all three cr
  14. Hello, Today I received my second Amex Card in the mail, I was approved for the Delta SkyMiles Card three months ago and applied for the Blue and was approved. I would like to thank God and everyone on this board for all the help that I received on this board. Last year this time I had no credit and a credit score of 504. My credit was so bad I was unable to open a checking account with Citibank. Since last year November I have consistently stayed on this board reading the advice and following the advice that was freely given to me and others on this board. Once again thanks for all the a
  15. Hello, Have you tried NFCU yet, I applied for a pre-approval on a car loan. It took 2days for my approval, it was worth the wait since it was approved with interest rate of 5.5. Since my last loan was in 2002 and my interest rate was 18.9, which was/is horrible. Once again I would like to Thank everyone on this board for all the help that I recieved which enabled me to clear my credit report up. Amex Delta Sky miles- $76.oo NFCU Visa-0 balance NFCU Platinum Master card-0 balance Express-0 balance Macy's- $130.00 Target-0 balance Kay Jewelers-0 balance Zales-0 balance Crown Jewelers-0 balanc