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  1. From my experience, I don't trust mortgage brokers. Last December I was almost out of money, but had a ton of equity in my house. I had a refinance deal arranged to close in early January, but the lender/broker pull out at the last minute. I was left without money to pay any of the bill and I had to scramble to find another deal. My credit score went from 700 to 500 in the months that it took to close the deal. I ended up refinancing with a 12 rate because I was desperate. Now, I'm back on my feet as far as working and paying bills. But I am stuck in a really bad mortgage from April
  2. I made the call. I offered to settle at 50%, they countered with 80% and refused to budge. I pushed for the settled status, they said that my credit would still reflect the lates. The settlement also required an application with financials before the settlement would paperwork would be accepted. They wanted a reason for the late payments and the settlement.